Radon, A Guide for Canadian Homeowners



Radon : A Guide for Canadian Homeowners
Information on the health effects of radon, how to detect it, and ways to reduce exposure.


Radon: A Guide for Canadian Homeowners
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Should I be concerned about Radon in Alton? Cough, cough…

Is there any info that shows what area’s of Ontario are affected with Radon Gas more then others? Doug

Click on and open map for closer detail of areas.

Radiation Geophysics

The surface distribution of natural radioelements across the USA and parts of Canada: a contribution to Global Geochemical Baselines

Two areas That I know of are Port Hope East of Toronto and Port Colburne the south end of the Welland Canal on Lake Erie .
They did a lot of work with the Uranium and A lot of the tilings where given away and used for fill on many homes before the understood how serious this could be .
They I think could be very severe and I guess Possible ( others might know more about these next ) Quirk Lake, Elliot Lake , Blind river areas The mined a lot of Uranium and Possible Bancroft .
Roy Cooke .RHI …Royshomeinspection.com… CAHPI-ON


Your right about Port Hope.the homes that were affected by the so called free top soil are now paying $1.00 per year in property taxes.This soil was given to homeowners by a company called Eldorado

There is one area in Toronto at Sheppard ave. Markham rd. area same situation as Port Hope,same deal with property taxes.
Anybody growing tomatoes in back yards must wonder why they are 5lbs


Had not heard about the Low taxes in Port Hope will look into that do many inspections there .
Did an inspection there yesterday and was told this was the first Home to sell for over $1,000,000:00 in Port Hope .
I understand the government has a record and does testing for ever home in town for radon.
The Eldorado plant is still operating in Port hope .
Roy Cooke

Raymond, It varries widely from house to house esp when you get in areas such as Alton. Construction methods as well as location have a lot to do with it. Air tightness of the home, dirt floors, sumps, etc. I have found readings as high as 2.5 times the upper EPA limit in our area. Only way to know know for sure is to test.

Radon testing seems like another ancillary service to add to your repertoire. Get the training to do the test, invest in the equipment and advertise.

Yes Larry, I offer it as a service but the demand in here is very very low. I have been offering the service now for about two years and have yet to make my money back on what I invested.


Is this offer extended to Canadian NACHI members?

Its Comming More info a lot to read .






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PreviousTable of ContentsNextEpidemiologic studies of uranium and other underground miners have consistently shown that miners exposed to high levels of radon are at an increased risk of lung cancer. More recently, concern has arisen about lung cancer risks among people exposed to lower levels of radon in homes. The recent publication of the combined analyses of residential radon studies in Europe [1] and North America [2] have shown that there is a measurable risk of lung cancer at radon levels as low as 100 Bq/m³. This is significantly below the current Canadian radon guideline of 800 Bq/m³, set in 1988. Most countries today have adopted guidelines in the range of 200 to 400 Bq/m³.

Roy Cooke . RHI… CAHPI-ON

Another thing to think about is the affect of seasonal change and the amount of air exchange in a home. In my prior years of experience with radon testing there could be noticeable change in the seasonal differences on readings, placement of the radon monitor, or even security of the device from tampering - such as the home owner moving it outdoors.

More accurate readings generally could be obtained by securing the device and measuring over time such a one week.

Again although we should not discount the importance of radon in a home, there are a number of variables and situations in which fear mongering has led people to believe that all homes should be tested.

As stated earlier offering this service is a business decision, in which, I have seen and heard of many companies not succeed long term. In our area we had one try this full time, unfortunately his business failed; however perhaps its viable as an ancillary service to home inspection. But don’t forget the possible extra risk and liabilty that comes with exceeding the SOP. Certainly I am not discounting that others not give it a go!

. Health Canada](http://www.hc-sc.gc.ca/ahc-asc/index_e.html).recommends the test be done in the cold weather when the home is less apt to be opened to the outside

…Health Canada.also recommends a time period of from 48 hours and also no open windows or doors during the testing

“As stated earlier offering this service is a business decision”,
I expect many offering this service when the final information and setting are made law by Health Canada

“fear mongering has led people to believe that all homes should be tested”.
I did a talk yesterday to 66 people and many new about asbestos and not one offered a hand up when I asked if any new about radon or had even heard about it .

“placement of the radon monitor, or even security of the device from tampering” -.The directions are very explicit on the e-perbs I have used and if the Home Inspector can not follow directions then they should not be doing Home Inspections…

“In our area we had one try this full time, unfortunately his business failed”;
;Sorry to hear about that but this is what happens to a lot of home Inspectors that are continually being turned out by many various people and associations, they too fail.

“But don’t forget the possible extra risk and liability that comes with exceeding the SOP”
…Talk about fear mongering I think most every Home Inspector exceeds the SOP at various times. This has been posted many times by various people . I would just love to see one Court case in Canada where this has happened and the Home inspector lost.

There is a lot of information in the above Health Canada that I posted and I will try and post more as I find out .
I have done many inspection for Americans moving to Canada and they all require a Radon test. I do recommend that if possible take a course.
NACHI and their suppliers have put on many and will be doing more .
As per normal many NACHI courses cost nothing or are very reasonable
NACHI believes in giving help to all Home Inspectors .
Stay tuned Much more very suprising things comming from NACHI that I can not tell about at this time as it has not been finalized yet.
NACHI Not is not part of a secret Society Information for all.
I am the oldest NACHI Canadian Member (2 ways) and very pleased with This great group and the help and information that just keeps comming
Roy Cooke … RHI… CAHPI-ON

Just out of curiosity is covered under your E&O insurance? That’s why I got out of it.

Sorry question not the best of English.
Are you asking is Radon covered by my E&O .
NO it is not because like may inspectors I do not have E&O insurance .
I wonder how Many inspectors who advertise that they Have E&O insurance realize that they only have partial coverage as there are many disclaimers in the policy .
I see OAHI has sent out a possible new supplier of Insurance .
I would say please read this new policy very close as it has even more disclaimers on the draft the I got .
Stand BY more exciting info soon to arrive from NACHI the Number ONE Home inspection association in Canada

Roy Cooke… RHI … CAHPI-ON …