Rafter bracing

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I just inspected a home with a hip roof, rafters built on site at 8:12. There were no cross ties, which as of 2015 not required by international residential, one purlin on south facing rafters with sporadic purlin/rafter bracing, no purlin on north facing with minimal rafter bracing, 2 to 4 vertical 2x4’s randomly spaced as support for ridge, 10 to 12 inches of blown in insulation concealing ceiling joists. Not aware of any city code requirements. What is the recommended course of action?

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Located in NW Iowa, snow and wind.

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Exactly…they are a big help in helping you.

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What no pictures?!!??

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We’d like to help but photos are need…IMO. :slight_smile:

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Cross ties? Do you mean rafter ties or collar ties? If rafters attach to the ridge with metal connectors, you don’t need collar ties, and they’re an architects call anyway. Otherwise, I can’t tell what you’re asking about