Rafter bracing


Newbie with some more rafter bracing questions. Saw this in a new construction house and was concerned there was no support underneath (load bearing wall, etc) this brace. Is this correct with only a partially doubled joist? Odd that if you look at photo #2 the purlin braces are on a large beam, but this single brace is just stuck in the corner of the attic entrance framework with a doubled joist. Thanks!

Hi Bryan,

This house is, of course, under construction and the braces look temporary.
It’s a bit difficult to tell from pictures what is going on, is this a hip roof?
It might be that they are going to install knee walls at some point.

That’s not a temporary brace. It’s permanent strut with a stiffener supporting a splice in a hip rafter down to a double joist. I see no issue, though if I had my druthers it would go to a strongback. I wouldn’t comment on it.

Thanks for the help! Yes, under construction, hip roof.