Rafter Construction Tolerances?

I did an inspection of an attached garage recently. The builder made the rafters out of 2x6 number 2 select lumber. The overall span was 24’2" and the projected span was half of that. It was a 3/12 pitch loaded for zone 2. The design works for WI. However, the rafters started out on one bearing wall 16" on center. On the opposite wall, the builder did not keep the splices on the same side so that spacing ended up 5" out of square over a 17-1/2’ width of the garage. Besides ticking off the drywaller, what would be considered an acceptable tolerance? The client is not happy with the workmanship and now the sheathing and roof has been installed. Any other suggestions?

My first question would be -for a 24’ span, why in the hell weren’t trusses ordered for that job? The second question would be - how is a strong-back rat run going to hold up the ceiling joists? It’s not…

The drywaller can deal with the “off layout” with blocking, but there really is no excuse for being 5" out of square in 24’.