Rafter Overlay

Roof type was a hip roof with concrete tile covering. Attic is truss and rafter framed, take a look at the way the builder overlapped the rafters in this particular area. My question; Is the overlapp enough & are there a suffiecient amount of nails tying them together?
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I’d like to see bigger pictures.

Is that the only 2 X that was cut in this area?

It appears that there’s no bearing on that rafter end. This repair looks like a shoddy repair from here.

It appears that the lower rafter is bearing on a purlin (if that’s what it is, can’t tell from this photo) but the upper rafter is not, meaning that it is depending on the shear strength of nails to carry the load it supports. Good framing practice would have both upper and lower rafters bearing on framing.

I might physically point it out as an example of poor framing practice but it’s not a defect and I wouldn’t call it as defective or recommend an SE unless I saw evidence of failure, meaning separation between rafters/nails pulling loose. -Kent

Although the pics are blurry, it looks like maybe 2 (maybe 3) 8d or 10d nails (no thru penetration) at a location with heavy vertical/shear load. For rafters under a decent snow load or wind uplift it wouldn’t be adequate, and there does appear to be some separation of the members. Look at the IRC nailing schedules for a rough idea if you are curious.

I would recommend evaluation/repair by a licensed framing contractor.

JMO & 2-nickles

i think the best way would be to lag them to gether, but if you have to use nails, i agree that 2 is not near enough. find the code, indrease it by 50% and recommend.