Rafter splicing


My concern as a GC is that sometimes I see “further evaluation warranted by a licensed general contractor” when the issue exceeds the scope of a GC.

GC can and often inspect various items however repairs are limited to replacing the item in whole, sistering in whole, or bring same back to like manner. When they employ a new design then they are crossing into areas of engineering; and while some of those designs may be legit based upon similar repairs where upon an engineer approved a particular design / repair, they need to remember that every home is different and one can not simply use a broad brush when making repairs or addressing structural issues.

The pictures in question look like a combination of trusses, including piggy back trusses along with conventional framing to extend the backend of a gable design.
Piggyback trusses, as with any truss, requires certain bracing techniques by the manufacturer; rarely do the AHJ check the bracing requirements and often by the time an HI rolls onto the property the paper work is long gone. Many HI’s and GC’s then assume that everything is fine and continue giving their blessing as long as they see nothing out of the ordinary…ordinary being a relative term for them.

In closing I just wanted to point out that as much as GC would like to think otherwise, their expertise is limited when it comes to validating the worthiness of a design.

Let’s face it, as a whole HI’s and GC’s have enormous egos, that’s part of our make up in that we are viewed as experts…but we must be careful not to get caught up in our own BS lest we find ourselves explaining in court what our limitations are.


Since a good GC will have an engineer contact/sub it is best to refer some things to the GC to save the client from having to hire two people. The GC’s engineer may offer a more cost effective repair plan that just has the actual work needed and not extra data/drawings for the GC as opposed to what he might have to present to the owner. Then the GC will be more likely to understand the repair and feel comfortable asking the engineer for clarification if needed.