ANy thoughts of this attic

Did this one yesterday, Supports are mounted on 2x2 truss and some are on the decking. I called it out and just waiting for the stuff to hit the fan.

BTW is is a old double wide

I’m sure that the old manufatured 2x2 trusses aren’t designed for that additional weight.

At least they have nice pipe hangers. :roll:

Keep it simple…Recommend buyer obtains permit and structural engineered plans from owner.


Even if the trusses were ok, the way the supports are nailed alongside the rafters at the top is wrong. I wouldn’t want that mess in my attic. :frowning:

Ok thats what already did, Other side said it was done by a builder, I asked for a engineer. and as far as permits this county ,well do not have a such a animal.

If the bottoms of those rafters are tied to the 2x2 trusses, then a rafter tie exists and the framed roof should be self-supporting and not dependent upon the underlying truss roof for support That said, some of the load will probably be transferred throgh the vertical 2x4 braces.

The strength of the rafter tie will be important, because if the truss bottom chords are 2x2 the rafter/truss connection can’t be more than 2 or 3 nails at best, especially sind the heel height of a 2x2 tyruss at the ext. wealls must be about 3". Standard nailing schedule rafter to rafter tie is 5-16d.

If the bottom chords are spliced, the strength of the rafter tie also depends on the rating of the gangnails that connect the bottom chords at the splices.

Collar ties appear to be more or less properly installed (aside from being out-of-level and short-nailed), which is a good sign. Looks to me like it was at least a carpenter.

Right call, though.

Thanks Kenton. I figure CYA

So was it a contest to see who could build the tallest double wide? Dont really see why they would add the extra roof, unless storage space is at a premium.

LOL well you might me a redneck if
you put a second floor on your trailor