Ranch "converted" to a 2 story

Did an inspection last week. Circa 1960 ranch house in an estate sale. Client was not present, but friend of client “local plumbing contractor” was helping out.

Looke in crawl. Some small puddles on the plastic. Concrete piers with a sistered 2 x 12 central beam. To the front of the house from the central beam (running from left to right of the house) were multiple “beams” and “columns” footed with 2 x boards. Also, to the rear of the beam were miltiple floor joists with cracks at their bottom.

The previous owner “finished” the attic, and the current owner had their 2 teenage boys bedrooms up there. Each had a water bed.

The ceiling joists (2 x 6) were never replaced with the required 2 x 10 (based upon the span). The floors on the 2nd floor were real “springy”, so to speak, and the central support wall was offset 1 1/2 ’ to the rear of the beam.

Recommended “evaluation and repair by a licensed and insured structural engineer or licensed and insured general contractor with specific structural experience”.

Those darn DIYs.

Even the outside canopy support post looks crooked to me .
Also notice the roof antennae is backwards if aimed towards downtown.(even numbers clue)(makes home facing east).

How did you learn it was a build up?

Actually, facing west. Mt. Prosepect is backwards.

As to how I found the unpermitted build up, I assumed based upon the local codes, the (lack of) quality of construction and the defects that presented themselves.

Over half of the Chicago bungalows have their 2nd floors finished and do not have the ceiling joists replaced for structural support. Same thing here. Looking for a quick fix and the defects show themselves years later.

Someone noticed the “sucken floor” in the living room and instead of hiring a qualified contractor, though to DIY it with the supports. Over the years, the pressure on the (non-existent) “footings” caused more sag and worked to crack the joists on the other side of the beam.

Hope this helps;

Yes it does and just curious if you check tax roles to see the listing as a backup to your thoughts.
I often do, but simply recommend the client check anyway.