Random thermalpane window cracks

Question for you window experts out there.

In my own home, which is 7 years old, I am experiencing random window cracking in the outside pane of glass. I had a few failed seals when I moved in and a couple more in the 18 months since. The cracks have developed in two windows in different areas of the house. I am pretty sure that nothing hit them. There are no signs of abnormal foundation movement in the home. I do have 90% solar screens installed on all of the windows. I have never heard of them causing this type of problem, but now am wondering if they might be related.

Original owner did not send in the window warranty paperwork, so the Danvid warranty doesn’t help me according to the certificate.

Thought this might be something useful to learn more about for my clients who may have this problem.

Around here and in other parts of the country AZ the framers do not leave the required spacing for proper shim or alignment for installation.

They are cramming them into the framing and in some case have actually chiseled the framing to get units in.

Shrinkage or any movement and you start to see stress cracks or shattered panes…these are from a recent phase insp. note 3rd pic already has stress crack

I thought of that Barry, have definately seen that around here too. I guess it has to be something like that. Just find it odd that it would not happen until 6 -7 years (has happened in the last couple months), especially considering the extreme weather conditions we had over the previous two summers.

Previous severe drought followed by excessive rains accompanied by high winds is a potential recipe for movement or framing swelling/expansion from moisture intrusion even if you see no other signs of this occurring.

Do you have IR to check for un-meter-able moisture? Like that word? :wink:
I’m available if don’t and would like to.

I’m seeing more cracked panes, since Feb. last year, on the vacant or REOs then on occupied and I don’t think it’s a vandalism issue because most are 2" or larger diagonal corner stress cracks at upper corners. Many have H2O problems.

I’ve not heard of solar or any other screen material causing pane cracks.

Yes I have IR.

Does not appear to be a moisture intrusion issue, but I will double check.

What I meant about the extreme variations was that I would have expected to see these problems suring those times, not now when things have settled back down to a more normal moisture level.