Rate This Split Bus Panel

A split bus panel box has a rating of 150 Amps.
The SE cable is 2/0 AL.
The four 240 breakers at the top half are rated 60,40,30 and 60 for the main lighting circuits, which are breakers at the bottom half of panel.
Switching the four 240 breakers would cut all power to house.
Is this a 150 Amp service or something else? 60 Amps?

150 amp capacity.

Its capacity is limited by the size of the SEC and the rating of the panel.

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Yep…on the split buss you have to use the factors present and in your case the Panel Rating and Conductor Size was the determining factor here.

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Let me see if I understand , its had 150 amp capacity but the #2al is only good for 100 amps correct? (I am a newbie soaking up everything you guys say!)

Ernest, if you look at post #1 again, Robert calls out 2/0 AL SEC which is good for 150 amps not #2 AL SEC which is only good for 100 amps, in this instance. :wink:

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The attached Table supports the comments by lkage related to Type SE 2/0 Aluminum, etc.

The light blue commentary is in part from the handbook.

Keep in mind today’s rules related to the types and sizes and new rules for “SR” marking per UL requirements.

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