I just bought a home and paid full price for an inspection with an inspector NACHI certified. He was kind and everything seemed in order and I bought the house.

I moved in about 6 weeks ago and we noticed a stinky, musty smell after a few days.
My dad came over and discovered rats holes all around the home, and the foundation has rat holes in it. I have two little kids and I’m kind of freaking out. I haven’t found anything in the home though. A pest inspection indicated rats tunneling under the foundation on the East, West and South facing walls of my home. There’s nothing in the inspection about that.
Is something like foundation damage and rat infestation covered under the NACHI-certified inspection?

I don’t want to ask the inspector, because the day that I bought the house the energy company shut the gas off for a gas leak and when I asked him about it, he just ignored me. I paid for a contractor to fix it myself.

Can you post the report?

Did he give you a Buy Back guarantee?

What area are you in? There may be an inspector that can help. What is “full price”?

Where are you RATS?

IMO, there are way too many questions from this post to even attempt an reply. In fact, the OP needs to start over, slow down, and tell us “the rest of the story”. I suspect there are many details left out that will shed more light on the issues.

FWIW, while many of us will note evidence when seen… it’s important to remember HI’s are not pest inspectors and many states (like mine) are a licensed state for such. I’d recommend to protect your home, first and foremost, but none of us were there that day.

Also…from nachi.org/sop