My own house is being inspected...

Should I leave out some literature next to the MLS pile for the buyer and inspector to see. Preferably why you should hire NACHI inspectors and why you shouldn’t always go with the inspector that’s recommended by your realtor? Any thoughts on how I can mess with the inspector? :stuck_out_tongue:


Do you really want to “mess” with someone who is looking at your house and perhaps trying to find all the defects he can? Especially after you mess with him!

I wouldn’t mess with him, but I would let hime know what you do and that you are a member of INACHI. you never know, could become a great resource for each other. Good luck.

When I say ‘mess’ with him (or her), I was thinking of something along the ways of Halloween. Putting our scary clown character in the attic near the scuttle was an option.


Now that would be funny!!

I thought Rick already did it?

How about a rubber rat just inside the attic access?

Or a huge rubber snake in the sump pit! :mrgreen:

He inspected the house we are purchasing. Tomorrow, we are having our current home inspected since it just went under contract. Housing crisis my *****… we had an offer on the first night it was listed and two days later, it went under contract for 96% of asking price.


Don’t forget to place an active mouse trap right next to the attic entry…

…just in case Bob E. gets the buyers inspection :twisted::smiley:

I know
I am booking like crazy.
Should meet this years goal.

I was inspecting an ambulnce district building today and got startled by a couple bloody looking accident victim manics in a closet, when I opened the door. Sad but true.

Like this :shock: First thing I saw in the attic next to the pull down stairs. Scared the heebie-jeebies out of me:p



Why not hide anything and everything that would indicate you are a home inspector and wait to see what comes up.
I’m sure you have been all around the place an KNOW what there is.

could be fun

oops just saw the date too late I guess


I’m surprised by this question? Jeff, you know your house is getting inspected, your nothing more then the Seller. If the inspector knows who you are, they’re already walking in feeling intimidated to begin with. Stay out of it. Its not up to you on who can inspect your home, doesn’t matter if you know more then the inspector does. Leave the house and allow the inspector to do their job. You’re the Seller, thats it. Sorry to be blunt about this, but it needed to be said.

This weekend I will be heading your way.
Hayward Wisconsin.
Time to meet the Mother…ominous music (insert)

I also have 3 grandchildren to take Trick or Treating.
One of them I still have not met, as birth occurred after I was up there in July.

Doing a Townhouse Friday morning way West ,and leaving directly from the job to pick up the special one.:wink:
I just hope she does not mind the ladder.

More like Mike Larsons way… kinda-sorta…

Tell the little one you’re now a fireman, thus the ladder ;):smiley:

Have a great time… enjoy!

Are you saying Home Inspector is not great.?

Besides that it seems like every other Fireman is playing Home Inspector now in days.

How about this (housing crisis my/.,_-$) my home listed 3 years ago for $629,000. I took a contingent offer of $619,000. The buyers house couldn’t sell. Offer rejected by me put home back on market for 589,000. dropped it to 569,000. dropped it to 529,000. 3 years later it is at 349.000. Never got another offer. There is a housing crisis in Florida.