Failed inspector

Is it the inspectors job to notify the home buyer if rat dropping and urin found in the attic. Along with holes in the duct work

It is if they observed it.

We note it when we observe it, but a home inspection is not a pest inspection.

Ok but what about the holes in the duct work

I usually only comment if it’s fresh… :slight_smile:
It’s a material fact worth mentioning unless of course, you don’t mind rats eating your ductwork, peeing in your attic and spreading disease.

And exactly how do you determine the “Freshness Date”???

You gotta take the course first. :slight_smile:

Guy in Ohio says to lick it.

only way to know for sure…


I would not want to be responsible for pulling up all a/c ducts to check for holes or obstruction in an attic full of insulation . If the hole was easy to spot from where I was standing I would certainly make note of it in the report as would any inspector. The same would be true for a roof inspection, there is no way an inspector is going to see every split shingle. We do the very best we can do when we are inspecting your home. No one is paying us off to over look any item on the inspection. We would lose our license and then have no way to support our family. So if your inspector found other issues with the home then I am sure he did a great job as all Internachi inspectors strive to do. That being said you now need to hire a pest control company to take care of your problem and someone to patch the hole in the a/c vent.

I don’t what kind of holes were in the duct work, but a home inspection is a basic, limited inspection. Not only is the inspector not going to fully examine every duct, the ducts could be under insulation, blocked by storage in the attic, or otherwise inaccessible.

Even if there was a giant hole in the duct work, no one here can tell you if the inspector should have seen it. We weren’t there.

If you wanted me to fully examine every inch of the duct work, that might cost you what the entire home inspection cost.

The holes were in plan view and the rst dropping and missing insulation is clear as day. Im willing to bet he never went in to the attic


We are inquiring with qualified sources in regards to an issue at this fireplace attached. Attached are a couple of photos from the same fireplace. We are looking for clarification if it would be recommended that we install a damper clamp to prevent from closing fully. There is a only a gas log lighter installed in this fireplace. Please advise, Thank you.

A damper clamp only costs a few dollars (under $5). Cheaper to buy / install than waste time asking if it should be done.

Unless your inspector was being paid to do a rodent inspection, they would not typically be checking for rodents.

Hole in ductwork … How big a hole & is it in supply, return or flue?

What type of hole (rusted out duct OR possibly a clean out hole as if ducts were cleaned out & plug fell out OR service tech poked a hole to check temperatures OR a duct pulled loose from its connection somewhere, etc, etc)?

Why were you in the attic to see the hole?

You have not given anyone enough info to answer you half way intelligently.