RDS Environmental, Inc.

I got a call today to be a sub for RDS Environmental to set some radon monitors. Anyone work with them in the past? Do they pay quickly? Would you work with them again?
Thanks in advance.

If it’s RDS from Burr Ridge, Il. go for it Mark. It’s a good company.

RDS Environmental, Inc.

Out of Colorado, done work for them off and on for several years.
We did 40 condo’s for them this week.
Never had any problems.

Thanks Linus. They are out of Colorado.

Thanks Doug,
The call came out of the blue. They got my name from NEHA. So I didn’t know if they were legit or not. They accepted my fee so quick it made me wonder. :cool:

What was your fee?

I’m charging them $150, and they sent me the e-perms to set up and pick up. I don’t even need to use my own equipment. Only about 5 miles from me.


For what?

They sent me three e-perms to set up in a single unit, pick up 2 days later, and put in a prepaid fed-ex box to them. My investment was about 45 minutes including travel and billing…

Updated: never mind. I see you had 40 condos you did. $1200 seems extremely reasonable for that.

actually, 1280
going rate around here is $32 to $35 per test

use charcoals from Air Chek, easy to carry and there a good test. we use their charcoals as quality control test with every monitor.

I’d need 40 to go that low… and would. But not for just one test.

Our minimum is 20 tests. Have 25 for next Tuesday, often same companies, they can and do send orders for 500 units. Mold is the money maker last couple of years, but we average 100 grand on radon with about 18 to 20% cost so it helps pay the bills and with 5 radon techs not a problem to place them. I look for more HI’s doing radon in the future here and we may not have the time. Everything changes as they say.