Re-identification of Grounded Conductors

I found this snippet when researching re-identification of grounded conductors (neutrals). I had a panel recently with a few red wires used as neutrals. I called it out for improper identification but was under the impression some white tape would do it. According to this, that is not acceptable on 6 awg and smaller cable (at least in MN). I’m a little surprised by this. Anyone know the reasoning?

Snippet taken from…Use and Identification of Grounded Conductors | UpCodes


A cable would already have a white conductor in it. Individual conductors in conduit are made in the proper colors.

Just seems odd not to have an easy way to re-identify smaller conductors. It’s not like they are going to run new wires just because of the color.

You’re probably right, code wise they should have run the proper colored conductors in the raceway in the first place. I don’t see any real issue with taping a #10, #8, or #6 conductor either.


Well, this is Minnesota, home of “those people”, doncha’ know!! :wink:

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