Re-inspection Company Recommends Carriers to Stop Re-Inspections

With all this talk about the new 1802 and depopulating Citizens, this is the solution.

No it is not!
Try to get insurance from someone else…if you can. It will cost you triple if you are lucky. If not, you will have “forced placed” insurance…and that 'll cost ya!

The market should regulate itself. If all insurance companies won’t cover a house for less than $6000 and Citizens is providing insurance for $4000 that means Citizens is offering an unreasonably low rate.

Other insurance companies may be willing to go lower on rates but why when you still can’t compete?

Then when the big one hits…the fly-by-nights Insurance Co’s go bankrupt.
On the otherhand…the major Co’s profits go to the shareholders from other states.
and they still don’t have the money for when the big one hits.

It’s hard to pay a 5000.00 ins. premium on a 15 dollar an hour economy.

We are damned if we do and damned if we don’t