wind mit prices

Insurance agent tells client not to pay more than $50. for wind mit. Since when did agents start setting our prices?

I guess that agent enjoys dealing with reinspections, because that is what he/she is going to get with low ballers.

My guess is that once the wind mitigation reinspection scam is over there will be far fewer crooked insurance resellers touting $50 wind mits.

Something is worth only what folks are willing to pay for it.

Now that everyone is an insta pro the prices are as low as possible.
Even I do not do them at that price but a great many fools do and even do combo prices even with the Citizens 4 point form at under $100. The profit in the biz is gone. Go licensing :frowning:

Hopefully i’ll be out soon to.
Best of luck to you.

I guess they are still looking for a cheap inspection. I will not do it. I have a lot af time effort and money in my buisness and I am not going to give it away.

Ya still have to eat :frowning:

Don’t know, but I did one Monday for $200.00. :smiley:
I’m doing my part! :slight_smile:

My wife has a good job, I can eat, besides I might get the reinspection at twice + the first one. I can’t drive 100 miles and do a job for 50.

That’s great. Keep it up.

I feel like I missed the profitable times of wind mits and hopefully more will be able to get what you got.


Like learning how to type or something :wink:

No doubt CubScout.

The wife thing helps a lot of guys get by.

Funny how things have shifted over the last 10 years or so.

It used to be the guys making the big bucks and the girls just helped out as little now all them WOMEN who were just helping out have seniority in their chosen fields and are really bringing home the bacon :slight_smile:

Slow and steady apparently wins the race ;like the old fable states. At least now a days.

Good for them but not so good when trying to raise a family.

If everyone did this it would be great for all. The higher the price the better the job and more respect for the industry.

yep but alot of folks got to feed their family and cannot do what is good for all.

Just like a lot of folks voted for who would be the best President for themselves in their current situation instead of what would be best for the whole country.

At least I can say I voted for what would be the best for my country and NOT myself.
It takes balls to do that and not many in our Country still have them :frowning:

My countrymen embarrass me :frowning:

I understand and agree

well said

At least one of my countrymen does :slight_smile:

Just tell the agent you’ll start quoting his insurance premiums for him. :wink:

This sounds familiar as well, how about a used house salesman telling a client what to pay for a home inspection. :stuck_out_tongue:

wonder what the agents will be telling them when Citizens WCE demands $150 since citizens is putting those of you who depend upon wind mits out of business? Anyone doing these for $50 isn’t qualified to do them anyway. go back to hanging drywall.


Law of economics with capitalism. Supply and demand. It’s what you are willing to accept and what others are willing to pay.

What’s the diff…WCE’s are only going to pay you $60.00. :smiley: