What to charge for New Construction?

Hi, can someone help me out with a New Construction inspection? I have a client wanting me to do this for them. Do you charge as if it’s a regular inspection? When can you do the inspection? Any other info would be much appreciated. Thanks

When to do the inspection would be determined by your client.
1 do they just need a home inspection, or are they looking for phase inspections during construction?
2. For home inspection I charge the same as any other buyer inspection.
The difference in my inspection for new construction is that I would also be paying more attention to cosmetic issues since the buyer is purchasing NEW.
3. Discuss with your client the schedule for an 11 month warranty inspection.

Yes, same as any other inspection.

Though sometimes I feel new construction inspections should be a bit more actually, as they can be more time-consuming.

Ok, thanks for your help

It’s for just an inspection at end of building process. Thanks for your help!

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Good fix. :slight_smile:

How do you figure a “Regular Inspection” price?

Why would you do it differently?


90 percent of the time the new builds take more time to go thru because half of the stuff is incomplete or wrong, but its no worse than some of the dumps I inspect either. Just charge your regular rate based on whatever you base it on

Charge the same price and focus on building code and cosmetic issues. That’s what people want when buying new homes.