Just got my first request for a re-inspect on an inspection I did about a month ago.

Not exactly sure what needs to be done for a re-inspect. Looking for some advice on procedure, price, etc.


They must want you to inspect what you called for repair, replacement etc…
Just charge an hourly rate that you believe is equitable for your time to do so.

Did you ask the client for specifics on the re inspection?

Thanks for the reply.

It was a request by the buyers agent. Do I need to provide another report?
No I didn’t get specifics, lesson learned.

I always have the client provide the list of specific items that need to be reinspected in advance of the inspection. I never want to be responsible for determining what is to be reinspected. If they say “everything” I tell them it’s going to cost at least as much the original inspection (I want them to be selective about how they use my time). I put their item list in a punchlist format, organized by physical location (i.e., where do I need to be to reinspect the item) to optimize my time on site. The punchlist becomes the report (in TX reinspections are not required to use the promulgated report format). I can either hand them a hand notated copy on site or sent them a digital copy with photos after the inspection. There are defects that I will decline to reinspect and if the house is a POS, I will decline to reinspect the house at all.

The fee I charge is significantly higher for the first hour than for subsequent hours (covers office time, travel etc.). You can cover quite a few items in an hour with a well organized list. Make sure you set you client’s expectations fairly low for success rate on repairs.

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Excellent. Exactly what I was looking for.

Thanks you