RE: Privacy

Individuals who are posting controversial opinions on the NACHI message board are well advised to consider that their expressed views are somehow be forwarded to Google for the rest of the world to read.

I found this out by accident this morning, when I typed my name into the "Google Search" to confirm whether or not my business was still listed. I was certainly surprised to find a reference to all of my past postings on the NACHI message board.
RUDOLF REUSSE** - Home Inspector since 1976 - **TORONTO

You just found that out?

Watchi t there is a knock at your door.

Stay off those keyboards and just do what we tell you.

You seriously can’t be telling me that you thought that something you posted on an active online messageboard with your name attached to it would not be picked up by the search engine robots when somebody does a search of your name. For those who do not know, anything you post online is NOT PRIVATE anybody can find it and access it with simple searches such as the one you did today.

Rudolf Did you post something you should be ashamed of? Welcome to the internet where everything you post is archived and searchable. Who’da thunk?

My friend, everything and anything that has your name will be picked up and cahed by all the search engines, your website, posts to this and any forum you use, any news groups.
everything where you post an item will eventually surface and be seen found or read aloud.
This can be a good and bad thing, if you have good information and are offering help, suggestions then when people do search your name they can see this for themselves, if you post bad or are generally a pain in the butt :eek: this also comes across for your clients to see.
the internet can be a welcomed asset and at the same time kill you.
Choose how you wish to fullfill the findings

I google my name and all I ever find is info on a dead almost rock-star.

Brian Jones of the Rolling Stones…has a nice ring to it doesn’t it.

And all this time I thought you were part of the rolling bones, or was it strolling bones
I can never remember which it is