Rudolph Reusse

Rudolph has stated on another forum that his posting privileges here have been suspended.

Can someone please confirm this, and if so, please advise us why.

He can be quite cantankerous and sometimes downright annoying, but he is usually right and he is always honest. I have not seen any message of his that should warrant an expulsion or suspension.

I cannot say that for many others who blather on incessantly here in various unprofessional ways and go unpunished.

Is Rudolph allowed to post on this forum or not?

Billl Mullen

Apparently that is no longer true.

This guy is toast however

Wow, Ray… I mean Willard, didn’t last long. I guess you can call that premature %%%%% or a quickie. :p:p

IMO, non-member guests should show a little graciousness for being allowed to use this forum at the cost of dues paying members. Most boards do not even allow non-members to post.
Making posts such as this about our host cannot be considered gracious:

“Mr. Gromicko’s published statement that he never has - except for the first 60 days - earned less than **$1.000.00 a day **as home inspector - and that he was able to save one million dollars in 5 ½ years is one example how a home inspector turned promoter - has convinced thousands of naive followers to become a fee paying member of his organisation. Collecting $289.00 - without any exposure to risk - from thousands of NACHI members obviously beats his income he generated from home inspections”

CanNACHI"s web site is currently being constructed,our message boards for CanNACHI will be open to the general public to read, only posts will be allowed by our member home inspectors … we are developing and shall also have strict rules on slander, defamation, foul language etc. Its important for us to implement this right off the start to ensure message rooms are for help, education, information that is for the general public and other home inspectors as well as potential new home inspectors looking at getting into our proffession to read.

Message boards were never designed to be bashing boards! It is absolutely amazing how much we can help each other, and learn from each other, if we keep the message board a place of positive input, free from the attacks of
men or women resentful of anyone who may be doing just a little better , in life, than they are. If we stay positive and focussed ; we can help ourselves, as an industry, and as individuals, to move forward, to grow and to prosper, even in a depressed market! I have done thousands of inspections, on a variety of homes, but there are still lots of unique scenarios, I have not experienced, and maybe never will. When I do , however, run up against something I can’t figure out through logical deduction, or have never seen before; I want to be able to come to this message board, knowing that I can share my predicament, fully expecting to find answers from one of you, who have knowledge in an area where I lack experience. I have learned so much, over the years, just reading this message board, and putting into action, the truths I’ve discovered. There is not one of us, that knows all, or has experienced every possible scenario there is to experience. There is an amazing wealth of knowledge, in the combined experiences of the thousands of real life inspectors, who call Inachi their home; not to mention the thousands of other top notch inspectors who have not yet discovered the benefits of joining Inachi. I am 100% in favour of a tightly monitored message board, where strict rules apply to slander, defamation, and foul language. I learned a long time ago, that hard-core cursing and swearing doesn’t make me more macho, or more of a man; in fact I believe it takes a much stronger man, to control himself, his thoughts , his words, and his actions, than it does to just let your emotions control you. Let’s keep the message board totally closed to anyone that does not have a personal interest in where Inachi, or Cannachi is headed. In that way, we can better protect ourselves, our values, and our awesome association! Let’s really pull together, and make this thing work. We have the power!

An afterthought…just remember, every time you point your finger at someone else ; you always have three pointing back at yourself!

Harold,what if your missing a few fingers?? then how many will point back to you? lol Kidding;) enjoy your day

These boards are being “cleansed” recently… to the point that a member’s post that pointed out an “over-embellishement” of the facts claimed was removed when I went back to the thread only 6-7 hours later!!!

So do all members have to always be fully gracious to the hierarchy and never ask questions or criticize? Remember that this is not a democratic organization and loyalty is bought!!!..
“In case you are not aware, NACHI is notorious among vendors for how little its members are willing to actually pay for products and education. Outside of NACHI, however, there are inspectors who are paying for materials and training and are rewarding the good vendors with their business.” - James Bushart- until recently member of ESOP

So it looks like in order to get and keep members for the vendors, freebies, free memberships and other enticements have to be given, the “Kool-Aid” must be drunk and Nick must be praised!!. Licensing will stop a lot of this as this method of “online” certification will mean nothing.

Venders come here because it is where they make money Brian.

People like you come here because of obsession.

Funny that you would complain about the board where you are allowed to even post this stuff , while I am not allowed anywhere near the heavily guarded ASHI MB.

Must be a real Dead Zone.

Brian if 1% of the membership is using the vendors on a regular basis they have 1000 clients that they never had.
we both know its more, stop knocking the education here, its good and you know it, besides part 9 is not here but lots of us have it, why because we wanted educate ourselves to be the best, just cuz we dont fly the oah… banner does not mean we could not get in of have the rhi, we choose not to support an association that does nothing for the membership please look at it from that point of view, why toss 600.00 for a year that wont do a dag gum thing to make me better or help put me into a better educational class, 25 hours, a year and you have to struggle to find those credits with the other assoc, here I HAVE 140 LAST YEAR, not including meetings and conferences.
I wish you could see the value we have here, 90% of the canadians could be rhi, just dont see the point in it.

Bill,Very good point home inspector associations are a choice for us to join,if we choose to join a particular HI association we are required to abide by their codes ethics and standards. But i can never figure out why others then complain about rival associations? is it that their HI association promotes this? (if not? why don"t they address this issue?) or are they just trying to find faults in others? As for when the CanNACHI Association is launched early next year thats one of the main Ethics that we shall have .Our CanNACHI code of ethics for our members will state that to slander have any negative impact comments or statements to be verbal, written or in media towards our fellow HI Associations in Canada is not permitted. Only to show this type of negativity shows the shallowness in people who are doing it and doesnt help the integrity of the association they belong to.

I resent the fact that you beet me to the punch with this statement!
Haha, I crack myself up!
Seriously though, This is a great statement. Just think,You and me sitting at our keyboards swearing away at each other, boy would that make us big men or what!:frowning: Now if only the potty mouths would realize how small minded this is.

GUYS… as Harold says, we can all make a positive impact on this industry. Try it.

Hey David!

 I really appreciate your affirmations. I just think it is majorly important to always put your best foot forward, and be a positive example for all to follow; don't you? When CanNachi is launched, in the new year; I want it to be a beacon for others to look up to. I want it to be respected, and appreciated as the largest and best association in Canada, or anywhere, for that matter.