I just have noticed that the owner of the* NACHI *message board has obviously not liked my recent postings regarding the benefits of IR cameras. Clicking accidentally on the displayed ratings button has revealed that **“I am heading toward a low reputation.” **Not to upset Mr. Gromicko again - I will certainly restrain myself from posting any further comments on his personally owned message board.
So much for the right of “free speech” in the country south of our border.
Rudolf Reusse - Toronto

Heck, you only have 38 posts. One or two reds will put your rep low. Be helpful, post a lot, and your rep will increase. (That is if you quit whining.) Besides if you don’t like the rep system, just turn it off.

I don’t think non members have that option Mark.

Rudolf, you are incorrect.

I don’t have admin function to the reputation thing, neither do any of my staffers. I don’t use it, never look at it. Look back through all my posts and you will see that I never commented on it, not once, as I don’t know what it is.

I never gave anyone a square in my entire life and don’t know how to.

I don’t own the message board. It is owned by InterNACHI which is not only a non-profit trade association that never issued any stock (isn’t owned), but also is a Federally tax exempt organization that can’t be granted that status if it were owned.

Sorry, don’t have clue as to what you are talking about.

In view the survey at http://www.nachi.org/forum/showthread.php?t=31545 87% of members consider themselves PROFESSIONAL I think it’s time the above quote was rephrased to something like this “a non-profit professional association that” or "a non-profit association dedicated to the professional development of home inspectors and the home inspection profession that .

You get those by your peers that have the ability to decide whether they like what you said or dislike, they can give you a green for atta boy or a red for natta boy, that is what they choose. Keep posting, keep looking for ways to help the industry, the members, the users and yourself, when you give a green they will in turn when deserved send it back.
Its all in how you respond and reply to the messages.
Make the most of what is offered and you’ll pull ahead.
And speech is still free, just sometimes what you speech comes with a price…

and that will never change

It is amazing that you would expect anything less, Rudolph. I can’t recall a single post you’ve made that was not a dig against Nachi or a Nachi member. Also you started out by boasting of your success, as being a result of non affiliation with any Associations, so why all of a sudden, does others opinions of you matter?

good points…

By definition, NACHI is not a traded association or organization…nor is it a professional association or organization. Why? Because it does not require that its members be actively or previously employed as “inspectors” of any sort. Persons with any trade or professional background who meet the membership requirements can be members.

That’s silly Jim.

Does the National Rifle Association require every member to own a rifle?

A trade association includes everyone operating within a specific industry.

Read first line of: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Trade_group

Is the NRA an association of “trade” or “profession”?

Another dictionary defines it, thus: “trade association, group of business people in the same trade or industry organized for the advancement of common interests. The trade association differs from the chamber of commerce,in that membership is by industry rather than by locality.”

So someone who develops inspection industry software that many inspectors use can’t join his industry’s association?

A student in school about to get his/her license and in the midst of setting up his home inspection company can’t join his industry’s association?

A manager of a home inspection company can’t join? We have many owners of multi-inspection firms who have never done an inspection.

A HomeTeam inspector can’t join as he/she works in a team and has never really done a full inspection him/herself?

Code officials can’t join as they don’t do home inspections?

Solely commercial inspectors can’t join?

EIFS experts who don’t do home inspections can’t join?

Radon laboratory directors can’t join?

An industry political activist can’t join the industry’s trade association?

Dan Huber can’t join? He’s never done an inspection yet owns and runs a huge inspection company.

Electrical inspection instructors can’t join?

Jim writes:

Who in InterNACHI isn’t in the inspection industry?

Nick If I didn’t know any better I would say the Wikipedia definition describes Nachi to a tee!


Mike, good thing you copied it. Jim is over there editing it now :wink: .

Rudolf Don’t be swayed by a rating system solely designed to allow the dysfunctional illiterates amongst the members to show their ignorance in private, that they can’t otherwise legitimize by being public. Rudolf said -

Rudolf, if you can’t tell it like it is please don’t post anymore! I can’t bare mundane ho hum everything is coming up roses discourse. Boring!

Nick It seems the one big happy Nachi family has much rancor and discourse lately amongst some of the senior members. What gives of late?

Okay if Nachi is not an association, why does it have association in its name?


The National Association of Certified Home Inspectors…allows membership to people who are, indeed, not home inspectors. No?

Thus, are we a trade association consisting of home inspectors? No.

Do all of our members share the common interests, needs, and priorities of home inspectors? No.

I am not saying that this is a bad thing. We have incorporated a large and diverse group of people who do a variety of things in the housing industry or provide services to a variety of people in the housing industry. We do not represent a common “trade”.

That is my only point. No need to get so upset.:roll:

Jim writes:

True, but that is true for all professional associations. So you are saying nothing. For example: Some think licensing is a priority, some think stopping licensing is a priority. Lack of uniformity or interest does not void an association.

The correct question to ask is…

Do all of our member share common interests of the inspection industry?

And to the extent that generally all of us, inspectors, reporting software makers, education providers, industry insurance agents, etc… all have the common interest of making the inspection industry better, I’d say that we have an industry… and a trade association to go with it.

We’re all industry vendors relying on and supporting our industry to varying degrees. Some of us sell software, some of us sell website development services, some of us sell training, some of us sell inspections.

InterNACHI… one industry, one trade association.

Your dealing with a bunch of rough guys here.
Couple tips to help you stay in the green :wink:
Tips from someone that will get a full page of greens on one subject, full page of reds on another topic:twisted: :twisted: :twisted:

Rule 1 …If you going to expose questionable actions, make sure you can back it up.

The most important rule…
Don’t worry about upsetting nick. If you going to challenge ole Nickey, make sure you leave some info out of your bashing, doing so will allow nick to reply with a post that allows him to remind everyone how great nacho is.

Gotta remember, its not the content of your post/ reply, it’s how many times some one reads it…:mrgreen: :mrgreen:

Now exposing the flyby night vender’s is another story. They can only give you a reddie every 30 days
I swear there are a couple that mark their calenders 30 days in advance, send dan a reddie today, 30 days later you will get another red on a topic thats long buried in the archives.:mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: