Read this law carefully. NACHI doing this in every state that has a licensing board.

Passed the House 37-0.
Passed the Senate 99-0.
Signed by the Governor.

Now it is the law!



Way to go!

My dues are due. I guess I’ll stick around!:smiley:

Our NACHI representative (Dan Harris) to the BTR in AZ. was thrown out of NACHI around a year ago and has not been replaced by a qualified rep. that match’s the state requirements. ( Most AZ. NACHI members are newbies under 5 years as a HI’s) :shock:

Nice post Nick,


You got the House and Senate votes backwards. :smiley:

The Senate passed 37-0.
The House passed 99-0.

A big thanks and kuddos should go out to Senators Taft and Buford who were instrumental in this regulation, along with Mr. Bob Rowland, (NACHI lobbyist). In addition Mr. Gromicko should be thanked for his tireless efforts and support. Thanks Nick.

The Governor of Kentucky asked me to meet him for a signing ceremony on Monday but I had to turn him down as I would have had to catch a flight out on Easter Sunday to be there. Now if being asked to meet a sitting Governor is a tough one to believe… then little old me turning down a sitting Governor is probably an even tougher one to believe… but wait there’s more… I’m staying (I left Thursday and retuning Monday) at Bill Gate’s ranch in Utah for Easter this weekend. I’m typing this post from a bed near a door that opens right out onto the CO river near Moab.

Nick, this is great. Hope we can overcome the ASHI and NAHI influence in the Ohio bills. The 250 inspections under a licensed inspector provision is still hanging in the bill as well.

Dang it, I wish I had known. I had the pleasure of meeting with the Governor’s staff when I was in Kentucky. I would have been thrilled to be there to represent NACHI. Oh well. Maybe next time in Ohio, Tennessee, Arizona, Mississippi, Maine, New Hampshire, Washington, or even Florida.

What if anything can be done with Maryland’s stalled funding law. Would be nice to see NACHI added somehow with ASHI and NAHI.:neutral: