Ohio licensing Bill a nice SEO windfall for NACHI & InterNACHI.


Now if we can get it past the Senate :shock:

Nick can you give us a break down on this bill of what you like about it and what you done not like about it? Thanks

I like that it calls licensed home inspectors “certified.” Can you imagine what is going to happen? Everyone will by typing “certified home inspectors” into their online searches when searching for home inspectors in Ohio. Might as well have called the Bill the “Steer everyone to NACHI members” Bill.

I thought you would catch that. lol. I sent Rep Schneider a copy of Nachi’s SOP, Scope, and a copy of my PVS report to her office for her viewing and consideration. I talked to her assistant for about 2 hours on the phone. This bill has a very strange but familiar feel about it don’t ya think. :mrgreen:

Being form Ironton Oh. I have been thinking about expanding my business to southern Ohio and I was wondering if you could keep me informed on this.


IF you save this link and check back on it from time to time, you can see what the status of it is. You canalso check in the the ohiostate nachi chapter site for more information.