Readily accessible systems and components

How would you report and inspect the following conditions.

  1. Exterior air conditioner exterior disconnect hinge/latch rusted/painted.

  2. Access panel for tub plumbing has 4 screws painted and there is moderate storage in front.

  3. No access panel for a 2nd floor tub more than 20 years old.

  4. Car located under garage pull down ladder.

  5. Main panel has a stackable washer/dryer unit within 2 inches of panel. 2 screws are accessible.

  6. Crawl space off basement. Large enough access to enter. Storage cabinets in front of access.

  7. 1st floor whirlpool tub, finished fixed basement ceiling. No access at tub.

  8. GFCI has a refrigerator and microwave plugged in. Occupied house.

  9. Masonry block foundation, recently painted, Insulation on 25% of walls, 25% storage, no recent rain. 70% humidity in basement, glade air fresheners, fan running, carpet on 100% of floor. No signs of moisture.

  10. Gas company turned gas off to fix riser an hour after you arrive to inspection. Home has a gas fireplace, water heater and furnace. Gas was on long enough to test fireplace. 120 degrees hot water observed. Gas off when testing water heater and furnace.

Thanks for the time.

Sounds like you had a tough day! :mrgreen:

All inaccessible items and items not operating should be examined by qualified professional prior to closing escrow.

Just a normal day in paradise.

#3 would be an issue if there was a problem that was discovered down the road. Like a slow leak that stained the ceiling.

I disclaim the bathroom plumbing if I can not see it.

Readily accessible. (Scraping paint off screws does not sound like readilly accessible) Why do people use 3 inch lags screws for a small section of drywall, wood. I do not carry a 18 volt drill!!! My cordless only has so much torque.

From :

Readily Accessible: Describes the area of the subject property that has been made available to the inspector at the time of the walk-through survey portion of the inspection, and/or an item or component if, in the judgment of the inspector, it is capable of being safely observed without the need of portable ladders, the removal of obstacles, the detachment or disengagement of connecting or securing devices, or other unsafe or difficult procedures to gain access and/or a document that has been made available to the inspector for use in the research portion of the inspection.

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