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Receive One FREE Sellers Home Pre-Inspection with the successful 90 day listing contract of your home with

Surprises should occur only on your birthday and Christmas don’t allow the closing of the sale of your home delayed by unexpected repairs days before the scheduled closing. Having a free full house Pre-inspection performed by will allow you to present any potential home buyer a copy of the inspection report.The more your home is shown the faster it will sell. Place your home above the crowd

Nice, but if you are performing home inspections for/with your spouse, you are not ethical, and, perhaps your spouse is not either, even though it is stated in her bio. Careful. You are opening up yourself for litigation.

I see a different way to market that…“Move In Certified”

I agree, but we have several members here who inspect properties in their significant others real estate transactions.


I perform free “Move In Certified” inspections for my girlfriend, who is a Realtor. Everything goes well until I give her and her sellers a big list of things to fix. My girlfriend says I inspect harder on Move In Certifieds, little does she know that I only suspect her clients properties harder because of our close relationship. I feel whatever she does not know won’t hurt her. And as far as her clients go, what do they expect when they get a free Move In Certified inspection from the realtor’s boyfriend. :shock:

You guys are as blind as most home inspectors that have been refuted by some Realtor in the past. I know exactly what I am doing according to Oklahoma Real estate law. Has not someone explained the difference in the law between sellers and buyers

What’s the problem? It’s free, and it’s for the sellers.

I know a couple of agents who purchase inspections for their listings as part of their value added. Several others purchase them for their buyers. So what?

So nice of you to say so but perhaps you should read up on real Estate Laws and while your at at read up on alligators and hummingbirds Have a nice day

Calm down Charlie…

We’re simply pointing out the obvious. Inspecting properties for which your significant other has a financial interest in the transaction outcome can be considered a “Conflict of Interest”.

It won’t be a problem unless something goes wrong. If something does go wrong, you might be hearing from a buyers attorney who will be wanting to discuss real estate law with you!

This is how the problem occurs:

“Having a free full house Pre-inspection performed by will allow you to present any potential home buyer a copy of the inspection report.The more your home is shown the faster it will sell. Place your home above the crowd”

In California, when you provide an inspection report directly to a seller, your liability extends to any and all subsequent buyers of the property, weather you’ve met them or not.

California liability has nothing to do with Oklahoma I don’t make silly mistakes concerning my business practices been doing this to long. Anything I do concerning my wife’s transactions has been run through NAR

Where is Oklahoma?? :p:p:p:p

But, you do not have home inspection laws yet in Oklahoma. You will see, as in other states, conflicts of interest will arise. I would advise you do not do any inspections with your spouse of any kind, and read the fine print of all of the documentation of the real estate transaction. Follow the money. You perform an inspection for your wife’s buyer, something comes up after closing, an attorney will see dollar signs.

What does NAR have to do with this? I didn’t say it was a problem for your wife’s association.

Now if you can get a real estate attorney to say there is NO potential conflict of interest involving your activities in Oklahoma, then you’re good to go.

That’s not going to happen however…:wink:

What don’t you understand about the difference between **buyers and sellers **where did I state I was doing inspections for my wife’s buyers I did not and do not. I think you have tunnel vision

NAR has a large influence in the licensing of realtors through the Oklahoma real estate commission and can have a Realtors license pulled for violation.

The Wife recently (Dec) attended a State Required ethics CE class put on by the State and this very subject was brought up and the instructor highly promoted all Realtors to encourage Pre listing inspections even if the Realtor was paying for the inspection out of their own pocket. Me doing a pre-inspection free for a possible listing for my wife is perfectlly legal in the state of Oklahoma and I will contuine to do so. You guys have no clue about me I am one of the no nonsense toughest inspectors in this state and it makes no difference to me who the realtor is I do the same inspection on every house. So you about as well drop this thread its going no where.

Check out this other thread, Charley. I am just trying to protect you as a fellow inspector. I suggest you have a signed clause stating your wife is a realtor. Again, be careful. Attorneys are watching, especially in Kansas, Nebraska, and Missouri. Oklahoma is next. It may be legal now, but is not ethical, and if an issue is found after the sale/inspection, everyone gets sued. I highly suggest that you do not perform inspections for your spouse or any of her listings. Too may conflicts can arise. I have experience in this area, so you are warned. No matter what state laws are, you are supseptible and can be liable.

Your kidding right?

You’re inspecting a property your wife has listed for sale. It’s fair to assume the results of that inspection can have an impact on not only the sale, seller and even your wife’s listing of the property. It may even effect some future buyer relying on your reports contents.

In legal terms, regardless of location in the US, that represents a confict of interest, period!

You’ve got E & O insurance, no?

OK, I’ll leave you alone now. It’s more fun over at Jim Bushard’s “What NACHI Has Become” thread anyway:)