Real estate industry magazine touts InterNACHI's COE. Members quoted.

If I had a nickel for every agent who threatened that I would “Never work in this town again”, I would have $2.00.

Actually had a new agent (Romanian woman) do it to me about a month ago. Guess what? She got reported (by the client to the broker) and lost her license.

Hope this helps;

I just laugh at them. I am too established in my area. There is one inspector, that has been an inspector long than me, in my area that has to go to a city a good 30 miles away to do business. Our local Realtors ran him out on a rail. They play for keeps in Jefferson City, Missouri.

"Real estate agents don’t deserve any more of a bum rap than home inspectors do, says Robert Jenson, a Realtor with The Jenson Group in Las Vegas. Regardless of the condition of the market, he said there are too many inspectors who attempt to justify their fees with a “laundry list” of items on a report.
“Sometimes (the reports) are 40 to 60 pages long, which is ridiculous. You’d get this inspection and there would be certain things that are noted that aren’t a concern, like random non-issues. It’s almost like they had to put all these things in a report to make it look like they did a good job,” Jenson said."

How many of you agree 40 to 60 pages is rediculous? And I wonder what Mr. Jenson would consider a random non-issue?

We did a survey 1 year ago here in Missouri ans Kansas regarding this and similar issues. Take a look at the questions. I’ll try and find the answers and post them later.