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As some of you know I am a Real Estate Appraiser first and Inspector second. I would like to get that a bit more balanced and I am always looking for new marketing ideas. Namely cheap ones!

I do a quarterly newsletter I send to the Realtors with the Real Estate Statistics from each city in our county. I had the idea of trying to do some bartering with the local 'Real Estate Book' to swap an ad for a monthly statistic section. Me providing them the stats.

My question is what stats would you like to see if you were looking for a new home? Average days on the market? Number of homes sold and listed? Average sales prices? What?

As an Appraiser I look at this differently so I don't fell I have a good fell for what Mr. Average buyer is looking for. Input please.

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Hi Jeff,

My personal feeling is that price does not really matter to an HI, but is one of the mitigating factors to a buyer.
As an HI, number of propeties listed and sold, as well as number of days on the market is a good indication of business opportunities.
As a buyer this info. might be helpful as well because it would give them an indication of the popularity of the area and possibly an idea of future resale $$$$'s.

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Hi Jeff,

Thinking about it , you could have a web sight featuring your Business, then promote Nachi and the inspections, why they are important on buying property.

Within your sight attach some good web sight addresses such as , 1) ,weather, 2) list each state , have a couple of good real estate web sights from that State .when you come to Maine you can list mine ( realty of Maine)…lol

Then have some seasonal photos you can change , this will get people coming back to visit the sight

Just some Maine Ideas .
Lester Martin /Maine