Really interesting article about a FLW home for sale

It’s outside Chicago and is for sale for about a half a million bucks – much cheaper than typical Frank Lloyd Wright homes in that area – but it’s being sold “as is” and is apparently in rough shape. The story is short, but there’s much discussion in the comments section about the problems with his architecture and the hallmarks of his style, including maintenance for his flat roofs, odd-shaped windows, etc. Here’s the story (with photos).

I think Frank Lloyd Wright was ahead of time. I am happy to say that there are quite a few homes in the Milwaukee area built by Frank Lloyd Wright. I actually pass the one listed in the article on 27th and Burnham weekly. There was just another home built almost identical, just adjacent to the west(actually next door).
I have visited a home he built in Manitowoc, WI. I worked on a home he designed in Shorewood, WI. I also visited the New York Metropolitan Museum where there is a large model of his design. The Milwaukee Art Museum had a recent Frank Lloyd Wright Exhibit.
To me, “As is”, property sale can mean several things. First that comes to mind with a Frank Lloyd Wright home is lack of maintenance.
Just a comment.

I toured Falling Waters. It’s a mess.