We bought another home under the Buy Back program. We're selling it at a steal!!!!


So… what’s the rest of the story?

Is a copy of the inspection report available?

At a minimum requires full disclosure.

It’s kind of homely.

We never did a home inspection. But if you buy it, you should inspect it. You can rent it out for $1,300 to $1,400/month. It’s a beautiful home.

We are going to drop the price by $1,000/week (just like we always do with homes we buy back). Jump on this deal.

Why was it bought back?

What Frank said.

Especially if as Nick said there was no inspection performed.

What Nick said was WE “InterNACHI” never had an inspection done. It would have been part of the buy back program as the result of an inspection done by someone using this particular widget program.

I got that. :wink: I should have been more blunt with my first question; what were the issues that the original inspector missed that convinced the buyers to decide to take advantage of the buy back program?

So are you inferring that a Non-InterNachi CMI, did the inspection?

I thought the Buy-Back program was an InterNachi ONLY benefit?

Just who else has access to this program?

What’s the total # of homes bought back through the program at this point?

We didn’t do an inspection when we bought it back.

The member’s client said she found cracks in the front wall.

We’ve never been to the home. We bought it sight unseen.

I don’t know why they decided to. I only know what they said.

The inspector was an InterNACHI member but not a CMI.

It’s a program available only to InterNACHI members, not CMIs who aren’t InterNACHI members.

No one.

Eight, but we executed an agreement on a ninth home today in Florida.

And we offer all of them to InterNACHI members first and offer to help them buy it. We also drop the price $1K/week until some smart member emails me and says that he/she wants it.

Nick, thanks for answering All of the questions.

I think he meant the legal entity interNACHI didn’t have it inspected. I’m sure it was inspected by an interNACHI member, prior to the previous sale.

Nick did I read somewhere you let the buyers agent list the buyback home?

The wet bar in the basement is a plum. I don’t like plums so I am out!!