CE's for Realtors

Does anyone have a CE course that they give for Realtors in their area? Its a GREAT way to get face time with 20 - 30, and HELP them get their annual CE’s. I am working on a course to give, but need to know how to get it approved for CE credit for Realtors. Anyone done this before? Where did you go for approval?

M Morris

Members have had success getting this curriculum approved by their local real estate boards: http://www.nachi.org/whateveryagentneedstoknowaboutinspections2006.htm

Here in NH it is the NH Real Estate Commission

Who teaches the course?

Nick, I think that CE course may be helpful to first time inspectors, even some of us veterans. How about making a video? Post it on NACHI TV?

I think the day will come when you can run a video via the internet for a fee in front of real estate agents during a meeting. Have Ben work on that.

Thanks everyone. I will be going to them next week.

I agree Gary, it would be great to have a DVD.

I have been trying to get Nick to do the CE class on video for the last few weeks for every inspector can show the video to agents. For agents understand home inspections. Most agents don’t and some even will admit it. I am not having trouble with my customers not understanding home inspections, it is the agents that are confusing my customers about home inspections. Most of the complaints I get are because agents tell their clients I need to pay for something like roots in a sewer line.
Is me, Gary and Morris the only two that think this is a good idea?

Also if the course is done right, it can be approved for agents’ CEs.
Missouri, like most states, allows online education for real estate agents so why not provide them some free education? This will help in four ways:

  1. Educate the agent, which will help reduce InterNACHI inspector liability.
  2. Makes the agent aware of InterNACHI.
  3. Also a designation can be assigned for those agents that complete the course for the customer knows that the agent has completed the course. For this to work, the designation will need to be advertised in some way for the consumer is aware of this. This way instead of the the inspector seeking an agent for referrals, the agent will receive referrals from the designation that InterNACHI has created.
  4. The agent will be more appreciative of the free education and referrals and in return is more likely to refer InterNACHI inspectors.

Nick and Ben are missing marketing and money making opportunities here. Playing a DVD at realtor meetings is much more impressive than having us talk all the time. Heck, let’s make a Wii game out of it.

Who can find the most defects? Score points.

If Nick wants to make this organization a college, as he has previously posted. Why not educate Realtors too, while helping out InterNACHI members from being sued?

Education for realtor CE is a no-brainer.

The agents must get their CE, just like we do, in Illinois.

There’s a multi-inspector firm here in Chicago that runs a CE class… he’s got some visual aids (like a cut-up water heater) and that just dazzles the agents.

They get their CE. The Inspector makes an impression.

I would love to do something like that.

This appears to be a very old discussion, but i have had a few brokers ask if I can provide CE training in there offices. What does it take to become a certified RE CE trainer? I heard NACHI use to have a program to train the trainer. Great way to get in front of agents when you are not on the preferred HI list that is already full of “preferred” partners.

Some of those "preferred’ partners paid to get on that list. Least that was the game one local office played. They may have stopped that here, been a few years since I was asked, because it is against the law.