My point of view about membership

Alot of HI’s have responded to the dual memberships threads, and I just wanted to ask, if most of the problems that the ASHI members that are also members of INACHI are saying is the exposure to the Realtors. What I see is maybe a stronger campaign is needed by us with Nicks help to inform the Realtors. I know you all heard it before, but if I got anything out of the veteran inspectors on this board is, stop complaining and do for yourself. In closing just go to the EPA web site and see the links to Real Estate web rags and see what comes up.
Example: go to ( and listen to the vidio or read about the only (2) memberships that matter in the Realtors world. We need to work on this.
Billy and Mark are right about Missouri, NACHI WHO!

Sorry Guys I checked the link off my thread and it won’t go to the page. If you have time go to the EPA’s web site and just look over all the links that involve ASHI.
But the problem is still here and we can do something about it.

NACHI should focus on the Realtors and on the local chapters. For example, most chapters have no information and/ or old information. The chapters along with the NACHI home office should be held accountable for getting the word out to Realtors. I believe that if real estate companies knew the difference between the organizations, the decision on who to recommend would be simple. NACHI’s name and size need to grow to take over ASHI market share.

If you newer guys read ALL of this you’ll understand better.

Chicago Chapter is still working hard on this, we hit two major shows each year, and get the word out to the local boards as much as we can, 4- years ago it used to be NACHI WHO, Now they know WHO we are. it take time.

In 5 years, I’ve NEVER had a Realtor ask me if I was a member of this organization or that organization. Seems to me all they want to know is…“how much do you charge”.


In NC they don’t ask for organization either, but in AL most ask for ASHI.


Its all about $$ and how fast can I get my report! :shock:

I guess I did not get my point out. I’m not knocking Nicks Agenda, and his idea of Bloodline I guess is a good analogy, but my point is not about ASHI or any other membership. Its about what even the veteran inspectors are saying. NACHI is strong because of its members, Agreed.
I just would like ideas and INACHI’s help in getting the word out like ASHI does to the Realtors. Its all well and good for the HI’s that have been in Business many years to not care about Realtors as much as Marketing to Buyers and Sellers, but as alot of you keep pounding into the ground, us Newbies. Are looking towards the Future, even if we don’t make it, atleast we tried everything.
Boy this Newbie crap is really starting to get to me. You can’t even have a intelligent conversation without the Ugly’s.

Nick’s goal is to make this association into a college. Get use to it, they are making the INACHI University banners now.:wink:
The reason behind this move, I believe, is because most every time Nick tried to do something to help promote the members, he got criticized for it. Education is the only thing those opposing members (mostly dual member A$HI) seem to except. But how much education do we really need to take? I bet most of the members have not even taken but 20% of the courses that NACHI has now, but they keep on making more and calling them a benefit.](*,) What NACHI powers-to-be do not understand that us inspectors are spending most of our time just trying to make a living (performing inspections or marketing). Most NACHI inspectors have no problem performing inspections (thanks to the superior education we have at NACHI), it is the marketing that is lacking. An inspector can take every course NACHI has to offer but if this inspector cannot market himself, his and his family will starve. NACHI can easily help the inspector more by using its shear size to overwhelm the market, but it prefers to sit on its hands when it comes to marketing its members, while most of its members can barely make ends meet.
Most NACHI local chapters cannot even get started because there is not an incentive for members to join. You use to join a chapter for education but with the online education we have now, there is no reason for members to join. Trying to get members to join a chapter for promoting the members in the chapter is impossible because it takes years for marketing in that small of a scale to work. So what funds does the chapter use until its marketing works to attract members to fund this marketing?
The only hope we have is more members, such as Steve, speak out and tell NACHI what it wants out of their membership. Sad but true.

Why can NACHI not do both? In my opinion they would be much better served to be an Association that markets itself and obtains new members because of its education. If they move into being only an online university, most of us would be better served to find another Association for credentials. I already obtain more education than most and will be a CMI in February. I joined NACHI because of the “Association” and “other benefits”.

In Ohio I get asked often if I am ASHI Certified. I have been in Realtors offices, large ones, that have one shelf for ASHI brochures and another for all others.

One must do what he or she feels is right for their business.

I 100% agree with you and James. the only thing I cannot figure out is if Nachi does things to promote its members, why would anyone criticize?

I also agree that there is no real incentive to join a local chapter. Nick will get you started if you want to create one, but I would have enough on my plate marketing myself, let alone an association chapter.

I think creating education is a great thing and heaven knows the price is right. I just wonder if that not an easy way out?

And have you noticed the A$HI brochures are usually at eye level.

Yes and within easy reach. IMO it’s not right but who am I to tell them how to run their business.