REALTOR imposing his will on the Inspector

I have a client that I have done three inspections so far this month for her including WDO/Termite. She has spent over $1,900.00 in inspections. The three houses appraised lower than the offer so she could not buy a house. Now, she is asking me for advice regarding what she can do, because she is spending money doing inspections for nothing. She is new in town. I gave her the advice to be careful when making offers in this distress market. Sellers will take any offers just get rid of the house but the bank will NOT loan money if the appraisal comes below unless she wants to cuff out the difference. I told her that in our market area a good number to use is around $95.00/ft. Her REALTOR is advising her otherwise offering up to 125.00/ft.

The REALTOR got upset with me and shoots me a nasty email saying I am not a licensed appraisal to give advice to his client. He said: “ We are paying you to do an inspection not give advice” I said: “She is my client and she is seeking advice because she has lost over $1,900.00 in inspections + another $1,200.00 in appraisals and got nothing out of it.” “You are not doing your job. " You are giving the wrong advice to this lady and making her spend money that she does not have.”

In other words he wants the blind, careless and silent inspector. Just make the deal and be quite. The redneck way to do business.

What say you?

I agree with the used house salesman.

A home inspector’s only legitimate roll in the process is to provide the client with a complete, accurate and unbiased description of the home they want to buy.

As for any fee adjustment for subsequent inspections, ask the salesman how much of a discount he/she plans to offer when a deal finally closes and match that percentage.

Offer to review prospective properties at an hourly rate prior to her making an offer…

Cost effective and will save her money…

Separate the Wheat from the Chaff

Tell her you will do verbal walk thru’s for her if she is looking at multiple properties. If she finds something she likes and desires something in writing then do a standard inspection for her.

I love them. No report no office work and the State has all but sent me a letter stating I can do it. You just cannot call it a home inspection.

She needs a new used house salesman, if she can find one who will put her needs ahead of theirs.

John, by trying to be helpful to your customer, you have unfortunately put yourself in between the salesman and your customer. At this point you will never get a referral from the salesman.

Is she happy with his work? I think not. Otherwise she would not have turned to you for advice.

I don’t consider this a redneck way of doing business. It’s even more prevalent in the bigger cities. Please do not give rednecks a bad name like that.

Gently suggest she fire him and hire someone else. Once she fires him she will not be obligated to speak to him again and will be free to work with one of your good saleswomen who would love a live, hot lead. There should be plenty of very hungry good professional agents to help her.

I agree, client needs to get a new salesperson. All my contracts have the inspection period set to start when all the shortsale/foreclosure approvals from the bank have been met. No appraisals, inspections, surveys etc. until finalized.

Seems pretty simple. If the next home she finds and her offer is accepted suggest that she have it appraised before she gets the home inspection.

I’d inform the client to get an appraised done prior to getting home inspection.
It’s common here in Miami that the homes don’t appraise well & deals fall apart.

Outstanding advice! :stuck_out_tongue: