Realtor is killing business

Like it, but not practical. The Summary if nothing else is what is generally copied, faxed, shared with the other agent for negociating power.

Agent to agent: ‘The H.I. said the toilet is loose. The buyer wants it fixed or $500 credit’ or some such.

That footer would create a situation where the buyer’s agent would be telling the seller’s agent that certain conditions exist and expecting to use it for bargaining power, and asking them to take their word that the condition exist. That isn’t likely to fly.

It’s faster and it’s easier, for sure, but it’s a business built on sand…for he who lives by the agent shall, some day, die by the agent.:wink:

I don’t have a copy of the appropriate law, but I believe that in PA, the seller has a right to a copy of the report. I’m sure someone will correct me if I am wrong, but I am fairly certain I picked that up somewhere along the line…

I would also guess that PA can’t be the only state where this is true.

While it is common for agents to share a copies of a summary, I’m not sure how a sellers agent determined you didn’t enter a crawlspace from your report. My summaries have only have a basic listing of items that could be used for negotiations (and a good statement referring back to the full report), that way the seller’s agent can’t read anything into it that’s not there.
I do have that footer on my reports, mainly so an agent can’t share the report with other prospective buyers (if a deal falls through or whatever). After re-reading the thread I’m not sure where I was going with that anyway!

Most People Dump In Their Pants When Confronted In A Situation Like This, I’d Hunt Her Down !

In addition to or in leau of taking pictures while in the attic/crawl space, I purchased some cheap business cards (not like the ones I hand out) and when I get to the furthest part of the attic and/or crawl space, I leave a card in the rafters, sill plate, etc. incase I ever have to prove I was there. I typically only take pictures if there is a defect I want to show my client.


Hire a lawyer to write her a really nasty and intimidating letter. Pull no punches. Scare her little. Maybe send a copy to her broker…

I know that many will disagree, but here is another reason to avoid using Realtors for referrals. It seems that the seller and agent think that they have power over you. Don’t let them, or ANYONE ever run your business for you. Stand your ground and fight…We got your back!

Sounds like you may have a law suit, but that will cost you money. Also sounds like she is a scumbag real estate agent. That is why I do not marke to them.

This is typical of selling agents who are not looking after clients interest! You by being honest and reporting properly are protecting her interest as well as
your clients. This happens all the time and is part of the business! Beef up your marketing and give some office meeting info presentations. Get in her face and stick with it. She will back down when the other agents tell her too!
Good luck-I’m sure this will pass.

Did I understand you say you’d inspected this house for the current owners. If so did you not feel there might be a conflict of interest AND warn all parties you’d been there before, etc.

I don’t see the conflict if you are inspecting it for someone else.