Has anyone ever had a realtor pissed off at you because you found problems. I just got off the phone with the person that was so rude it wasn’t even funny. She claims she is using another inspector now and she is happy because he never finds problems like I did. This the the only realtor in my 3 years in business that I have ever had say anything even remotely like that to me. It is a Century 21 realtor which makes it a little harder to believe. She sells lots of homes but when I was doing inspections for her clients she would always try to get me to not be criticle of the home. I am not talking about nit picking here. She was pissed because I pointed out poor roof installations and missing shingles in my reports. I guess she wants that stuff to be hidden. I am just venting because I hate to find out I lost a contact at any time but this one is a real winner. How do I stop her from poisoning the whole office on me about our company?

Maybe the Home Inspector/Pimp moved to Florida: :stuck_out_tongue:

I have never heard of such a thing…it must be you. :stuck_out_tongue:

Just kiddin’, Paul. Realtors can be a strange breed.

Have you ever heard of a Realtor that was pissed because you didn’t find problems?


Realtors…you can’t use them as a doorstop, and you can’t paint them red and use 'em to clean your chimney…so what are they good for?

Sorry…too much coffee…:weird:

Been there and heard it and dealt with it. Keep doing it your way…not theirs…remeber you are there for the client. Agents like that you do not want or need as this would only be the begining if you allowed her to get her way.

Its not easy when it happens but it will happen. Without getting to vulgar about those kind of agents I’ll stop. Not all agents are that way but once they get to know you and that you are also keeping them out of court too, that you are who you are, hopefully they will respect you for that.

Its the nature of the business we are in.

That is one of the reasons I include pictures in all of my reports. When one of THOSE realtors calls questioning a report like that I first ask them if they have the report in front of them. If they dont, I tell them to call me when they do so we can discuss it. Then I ask them what they dont like. For everything they bring up, I tell them to look at the picture and then ask them how could I not write it down. They still hate me, but it makes them look like a fool.

If they bring an item up at the inspection, I use the ‘mother’ test on them. I ask them (in front of my clients) “If your mother was going to buy this home, wouldn’t you want her to know about that”. Shuts them up every time.

That’s good!!! I have to remember the “mother” comment…:mrgreen:


The longer you stay in business and keep doing a thorough
inspection, the more Realtors will not like you.

Its the law of nature. I have found few Realtors who want a
nit-picky inspection more than their commission.

Realtors like easy prostitute inspectors who will sell their soul
for a referral… but inspectors who tell the whole truth will
be known as the “deal killer”.

Keep a professional attitude, but it will happen. Keep doing
the right thing, in spite of how the Realtors respond to you.

You need to start marketing outside the Realtors office
or they will all cut your ying-yang off before you have had a
chance to change your marketing strategy.

Start planing life without Realtors as the base of your
primary business supply… or start dressing like a harlot
to stay alive.

Welcome to the club.

Thanks for all of the input and incredibly funny sarcasm. I am glad that you all have been there. I feel like I must be in good company. This realtor says the inspection company she is using never gives her any problems. I guess maybe they have sold their soul. There are very few homes where there is nothing to report. I never want to find stuff, I just always seem to. It is always things like breakers that do not trip, or double tapped wiring, reversed wiring, open junction boxes, improperly installed vent aprons and/ or shingle issues, wood rot, attic staining, etc. The typical things you so often see. Thanks for letting me vent.!!