Why I feel RE Agents are Corupt.IMO

Many of you know I own a Boarding Kennel as well as other ventures, BUT today i yet again found out why I feel RE Agents are corupt for the most part.

A long term client of ours at the kennel is buying a home and wanted me to do her home inspection, she got a RE Agent and informed the RE Agent she wanted a Home Inspection.

The first thing out of the mouth of the RE Agent was is that she has a Home Inspector she uses alot and will call him and set up the inspection…she did this without REFERING anyone else…or giving the client the option to get their own.

The long term client of mine stopped her and said…I will get my OWN home inspector…and the ONLY reason she said that was because her parents told her that the HI the agent refers is possibly bias…since it is her prefered inspector…and i AGREE !!!

THIS is what is killing the industry…unless you are the prefered inspector you suffer because of corupt practices by the RE Agents because they KNOW the report will be less than forthcoming.

Agents are generally required to recommend a list of HI’s…not just their prefered one and we need to educate the consumers more in that if someone is recommended versus a options list of HI’s that something is possibly wrong here.

What if you were the preferred one?

I know of 2 or 3 realtors that refer only me…does that make them corrupt?

Just checking :wink:

Can’t a complaint be filed?

Here in pa, using 4 year old info, my realtor said she had to offer at a min 3 business cards, and she didn’t comment on any of them.

Just seems that the Realtor would take the lead, since that would legally declare here the client, which has been grounds for lawsuits due to conflict of interest.

just thinking out loud…


I SAID…it is GOOD for the guy that is preferred but it is WRONG and I would feel the SAME way if I were the preferred in this case. It is the reason I left another organization YEARS ago because of an attempt to make ONLY this Associations HI’s the preferred…it is not fair to everyone including the new inspector.

if you are good…you will shine based on the CLIENTS choice by them contacting 2-3 on a list…not because a person with a 'INTEREST" in getting the sale…seems like a conflict to me.

If they like you they can say I like the work THIS person does but they should give the client the option…

The HUGE majority of law suites are done against the
inspectors that the Realtor chooses.

Money does strange things to the Realtors mind.

I would love to see those figures John…where do you guys come up with these insurance figures? Lawsuits filed, % of law suits filed, etc.?


Ahh…Tony…note my statement is MY opinion as you are free to disagree with it…:slight_smile:

I have been doing this since 1988 and I have to tell you I did not FORM this opinion based on being a newbie mind you.

I can see now why folks disagree w/ you Paul…I’m not even addressing you …I was speaking to John about his figures.

As for your opinion…yes you are entitled to it, and I never said any different.

Real estate salesmen make no money if they do not sell houses.

While they will recommend “home inspections” simply to have someone appear to be giving an objective opinion while they continue to highlight the selling points of the house, they are not wanting any additional disclosures that could cost the sale. Those who say otherwise are lying, in my opinion and in the opinion of many, many others.

In my opinion, and I am not directing this toward any particular person or persons, it is a dubious distinction to be the only home inspector a particular agent will refer. That inspector could be totally honest and still totally oblivious to the fact that his inexperience or other unknown weakness is being exploited by that agent.

There are exceptions to every rule but the conflict of interest is obvious enough that some states have outlawed people who sell houses to refer an inspector. In my opinion, that is the only legislation regarding our industry that makes any sense and is actually in the best interest of the consumer.

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Man…I am a target for anyone it seems…can’t even have a conversation without someone attacking me…must be a B*tch to be me…:slight_smile:

Nope…could careless what anyone thinks…said it was my own opinion…thehehe…just giving my opinion but alas i see others will jump at an attempt to pounce on the GURU…LOVE IT

Note the title…Why “I” feel RE Agents are Corupt.IMO…

Who in the hell is “the Guru”? You? Getting pretty high on yourself there aren’t you, Paul?

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Actually, Mr. “Guru”, I agreed with your original post. I disagree with your paranoid accusations that those who may not agree with you…or who ask for additional information…are attacking you.

How many times have you been shopping for a House and had the Realtor say the you could probably offer much less because the sellers are being transferred, divorced, going bankrupt, etc., that kind of goes with the fine print in the Earnest money and listing Agreements where it says the the Realtor Represents both the Seller and the Buyer, Realtors have a strange sense of Ethical Behavior

Is that a rule by her agency? I am not aware of anything in the PAR Code of Ethics, nor PA law that requires any such thing.

Ahh…James i was being FUNNY…guess it was lost as I really wanted others opinions to be honest with you on the original post…as everyone has their own opinion and would love to hear em…

Don’t even give it a consideration to people agreeing with me…as I said I dont care either way but wanted to post it.

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