Realtors how they pick inspectors

is there some type of ethics of how realtors pick inspectors or do they have in pocket (house) inspector

They either are comfortable with the first inspector that came along or you just have to build a repor with the agent. I say use social media and try to get on the vendors list.

I am loose deals every week to buyers that contact the Realtors involved in the sale to set up an appointment for me to do an inspection and end up hiring the realtors preferred inspector. The National Association of realtors code of ethics Article 6 allows realtors to collect a referral fee from recommended service providers as long as it is disclosed to the buyer. However in my state revocation of your inspectors license if you pay a referral or finders fee to any person. I think the laws need to be consistent, and everyone plays by the same rules.

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Most of my inspections come from realtor referrals. I don’t pay them a cent.
Get in the offices and get to know the realtors and that will solve most of your problem.

Integra Inspection Services was referred to my team and client satisfaction keeps them getting referrals

I work in Texas and in my time as a Realtor I never heard of any money passing hands one way or the other between Realtors and Inspectors, nor of a Realtor who collected a referral fee from any parties for referring an Inspector.

For most of my career as a Realtor, I would follow the rule of thumb suggested by most brokers to offer the client a list of at least three vendors in any particular area (loan officer, inspector, handyman, etc.) and let them choose, thereby sidestepping any liability that could otherwise arise. In the last few years I found an inspector who served me so well personally in my pursuit of investment properties that I referred him exclusively, and he never let me or my clients down.

Now that I have built a network of referring agents, I have found there are several of them who refer me exclusively, which I consider a tremendous honor. They tell their clients that I am very detailed and thorough (which is what I get from client feedback as well), and that I will take the time needed to explain the report and the real-world significance of the various deficiencies reported.

Having a background as a Realtor has given me an edge because I understand the dynamics of the transaction and the priorities and motivations of the players. None of this colors what I report, but it helps me serve not only my clients but the Realtors involved better. Follow-up and availability before, during, and after the inspection are key to this.

I think it would be an excellent idea to sit down with some of your favorite agents and pick their brains about what qualities they are looking for in an inspector. Their responses will tell you a lot about their integrity as a professional. Look for ways to serve their needs while still maintaining a firm commitment to your clients’ interests and your code of ethics.