How do you thank your Agents?


Question #1:
How do you thank your real estate agents that bring you a lot of business? I know about the code of ethic but I’m sure they wouldn’t hate to feel appreciated.

Question #2:
I know the code of ethic prohibits it; but from your gut feeling, out of 100 inspectors, how many do you think give their agents a commission or some kind of kickback for referrals?



I am Inspector #1. I believe that you are talking about the Code of Ethics, not the SOP. That would be violating any Home Inspector Association’s Code of Ethics. I would never pay any agent one cent, nor would I ever doctor up a report, just so the agent could make a quick sell. You should be ashamed of yourself young man for even thinking that any of us would pay for referrals (shame on you).

Hi Michael, I didn’t think anything, I asked you what you think and yes I met the code of ethic. I saw a few post before when people were saying that big franchises were paying off real estate firms for the business. I’m not assuming anything, I’m just asking.

How do you thank your best agents? Thank you letter, pizza, coffee and doughnuts?

I do the best job ever, and say “Thank you for the referral”.

Yeah, that.


So the answer is, a verbal acknowledgment and you all think that 0% of inspectors make deals with agents. I would think that some does, was just wondering what you guys figure the % is.


Hi, if you read this survey:

The part about “Realtor Relationship”

The vast majority (92 per cent) of home inspectors report they have not paid a client referral fee to a realtor to obtain work, in keeping with the Codes of Ethics of the four home inspector associations. A small number of inspectors reported paying referral fees to realtors, despite the practice being contrary to the codes of ethics of all of the home inspector associations.

8% admitted paying for referral, what % of those that admitted not paying are lying?

We can all stick our head in the sand and pretend nothing is happening but the fact is that it happens more than we think. Stronger regulations will not stop any deals done under the table.

What do you figure is the solution? Can’t stop agents from referring inspectors, it will hurt to many. I guess all we can do is accept it’s going on.

What do you figure?

Shame on me!

Hmm, another non member posting questions baiting for answers, and then posting their ‘correct’ answer:shock:

C’mon, Dave, how much Troll Mix did you give to RE agents for their referrals? The ones around here like cake. Lots of it. :mrgreen:


Where’s Linas when he’s being called? :p:twisted:

I sleep with my Realtor works for me

By giving them free and online access to the required CE that they need to keep their real estate licenses:

Sorry guys, I was just wondering if anyone had a possible solution or information on the situation. I will be a member soon once I graduate.

I always shake hands and say Thanks and say Good by as I leave .

If they are busy Just a short wave .

I work with 3 or 4 very busy agents. One likes coffee so on cold morning inspections, I bring her a coffee. One is a wine drinker and if Iget a good deal from my vintner friend, I might bring him a bottle once in a while. One likes tequila. In 3 years, I bought him one bottle of quality tequila (on sale at Costco). One is a Mormon and doesn’t drink coffee or drink booze but I did find a case of mixed colored paper at a swap meet that she now uses in her daycare craft class. I took one on his first fishing trip on my boat about 4 years ago. Had the time of his life landing his first salmon. During summer months, I carry bottled ice water for anyone that wants one.

It isn’t about bribing them. It isn’t about buying referrals. I don’t expect anything from it. It is about being nice or even friends with someone that I have spent a lot of time with and learned about over the years.

Thanks Stephen, that’s exactly what I’m going to do.


Last years Merry Christmas!

Hi, those were gifts for your agents? What’s in the red rectangle bag?

Very nice.

You got me Mike:mrgreen: I tried chocolate on my first open house run, and on the last stop the lady dumped out the bag and said “oh melted chocolate, just what I need”:shock: so I started handing out Troll Mix in my survival kits. (Melts in your mouth not in your hand:cool:) As soon as I get my rack cards that Jessica designed for me I am hitting all the offices of the agents I met at the open houses. :wink: