Rear patio overhang column support

So this looks exactly like a Simpson ABW post base bracket, but instead of using the metal standoff insert, they used a piece of OSB.

I would have called that out as “ad hoc construction.”

simpson abw post base

Agreed. I would have used a common Simpson post to concrete base. @mcyr had an illustration. The one in the OP’s photo offers no clearance to prevent moisture wicking. Then, if I saw a shim at the top, hopefully with a post cap or similar connection, I would be ok.

Ultimately, I think shimming a post is not the best. It is far different than shimming a beam in a beam pocket. Posts will often twist or deflect, but a good mechanical connection at the top could mitigate this issue.

Now, how much of a shim is acceptable? 1" or more?

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The simpson post base is not installed as prescribed:

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I believe that is what Darren was pointing out.

It is, I wanted to provide the official source so there is no more arguing :slight_smile:

Hey Marcel,

I love this one.

[APPROVED] Acceptable to the building official.

Around here that could be PPT Plywood, scraps of crap wood, etc. :rofl:

It wasn’t “shimmed” because the post was to short. It was set on what is expected to be a piece of scrap Pressure Treated wood to meet other requirements.

Such as? …

Same here, no one would give a shit, because they don’t know what they are looking at unless they are called to look at something specific so they have time to look it up.
Then they can speak with authority. LOL