Warped support

This is one of three wood supports (6x6) but the only one warped. House built in the mid 80s. How significant is this? Would a SE be necessary to determine if correction is necessary? I found no other issues.

It will probably get worse, just recommend replacement.
When lumber bows like this and is holding up a lot of weight, it will bow even more, causing what ever it is holding up to be more unlevel.

I don’t see failure due to the bowing of the 6x6 member, but due to aesthetics, you might want to replace.
What I do see, is that they installed the post on underground sonotubes or some sort of footing and poured the slab around the post.
Even though the PT posts are rated for ground contact at .4 retention, I would recommend that the post be installed on top of the slab above the pier footing with the proper post base as manufactured by Simpson.
The expansion of the wood and the concrete cause the slab to break due to the narrow slab edge around the post.
The post should be removed, with the hole filled down to its foundation support, slab edge repaired and new post installed on top of the slab with proper post base support.
No need to recommend an SE here. Just recommend a qualified builder to correct. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the help. I’ll recommend replacement with Marcel’s recommendation.


I do not agree with this not having catastrophic failure. There is a great deal of weight in that over hang being supported by 6x6. This should be either changed to two or one 8 inch round.:frowning:
I do agree with the break out on the slab and no you do not need a PE.

David, I would not comment on how it should be repaired. Leave that up to the qualified builder.
Recommend replacement. :slight_smile:


You are allowed to voice your opinion, but in mine oppinion, I do not see a problem here unless there is a 90 mile wind. The weight on those post from what I see is miniscul for a 6x6 post. :slight_smile:

It all depends on what that overhang is made of. From what I can see there is one 6x6 supporting 10-15 feet of over hang. If it was not bent I would not make any mention of it.:smiley:
Since it is holding the whole section and may be attached by nails this makes it even worse.

Kevin, again that is an opion and mine is that it should be left to a qualified builder to assess and evaluate the condition. We do not see the whole picture from those pics.
Do you know how many kips a 6x6 x8’ high can support? :slight_smile:

Good question, David. No SE needed (and try not to rec. SE too much, after all, that is what you have been hired to do).

Remove and replace. The bowing post cannot possibly get any better on it’s own, and its effects on the slab are showing. With the wild weather this year, no one will question your call.

That column is unstable and needs to be replaced. And because it is already bowed, it could completely fail very suddenly.

Columns fail by buckling, and anytime the load is outside the middle third of the column it’s considered unstable. That one is out of plumb by way more than 1/3 the width. The bowing also creates eccentric loading on the column which increases the stresses and the likelihood of failure.

JMO & 2-Nickels … :wink:

Column Instability.jpg

Was there a footing beneath the columns? I carry a 2’ long screw driver and probe areas like that. Probably not based on the cracking I saw. Warped column is a structural issue.