Rebuilding Chimney from Roof-Line up plus extras

Just curious what you folks think of this quote. The home was built in 1919. Its one story. Below are quote details. I thank you for your comments! Seems high but perhaps not? need some advice and reference points.

Removal of all existing Terra Cotta Tile within Chimney Structure Plus $2,998.00
Installation of a 11" X 20’ 316TI Stainless Steel Liner Plus Insulation
(Lifetime Warranty)
Disassemble and Reassemble Partial of Exterior Chimney Structure as 2,799.00 marked in attached photos plus grind out mortar joints on exterior of chimney structure plus repoint joints with new type-s mortar as marked in attached photos 3. Parge/Cover Smoke Chamber with High-Temperature Cement 699.00
(10 Year Warranty)

Installation of a New Concrete Pad/Crown Coat atop of Chimney structure $699.00

New Crown Coat Sealant plus Water Repellent Application $596
(10 Year Waranty)
Installation of a 17" X 33" Stainless Steel Multi-Flue Chimney Cap $469
(Lifetime Warranty)
New 13" X 13" Energy Efficient Damper Assembly Installation $389.00
(Lifetime Warranty)

Repoint firebox opening where it meets the fascia brick/stone $ 169.00
Brick Thimble area with high temperature cement & brick $99.00
Power Wash Exterior of Chimney Structure (Normally 199) 0.00

GRAND TOTAL --------------------------------------------$8917

Only other notes of import are

There are open joints found between every two foot section of
Terra Cotta tile/Flue liner, this shall allow heat transfer to
nearby combustible areas of home. Unfortunately this
fireplace/Flue liner has a 30 degree bend above the damper
assembly, this is the reason it needs a Stainless Steel Liner
apposed to a Fire Guard repair.
***If the bricks in the smoke chamber are not parged, it may allow
passage of heated gases between the brick structure. This
condition is considered a potential fire and carbon monoxide
hazard due to the heat transfer to nearby combustibles.

Looks good.

That’s a good quote

Sounds like you have someone who will do a good job. Check references (several).
The stainless steel liner is close to $1000 give or take and then installing them with a 30 degree bend well if you have done many you would know, rain cap is right on as is the damper assembly the rest I can’t say as I am not there to see but sounds fair.

Thanks guys. This link has my photos at the very bottom of it.