Recall Cheat Sheet

This is for anyone who performs recall inspections for their clients.

I don’t know if anyone is interested in this, but I put together a list of household items that have been recalled by CPSC.

It is easy to add new notices and it contains active links to recalls. You can add or remove any items that are irrelevant to you. I have not deleted anything from it yet, but I know there are some items that should be.

In addition, I created a field worksheet consisting of all the headings on the document.

I use Inspectvue, and was able to create a Section called “recalls”. I then created Categories for each heading, and then add a narrative if a recalled item is found.

It helps me alot, at least until I memorize most recalls. Let me know if you have any ideas on how to improve it.

The file is too large to attach, so I created a link ( I hope it works) to my website where it can be viewed. If you are not able to copy it from my site, email me or pm me and I can email you a copy.

Recall notice cheat sheet

Awesome! Thanks a bunch, thats a great help. Thanks for sharing.


Fantastic list. Should be very helpful. Thanks for allowing us to use.


And that drives traffic to your web site.

Excellent work. Great Guerrilla Marketing thinking.

Thanks for the list Dylan.

jeez…that took some work! Nice job…but it will get tiring keeping up with it.


Not really. There are not many recalls on a daily basis, and even fewer that concern real estate. Most of them are about various toys, camping equipment, etc.

Several years ago one of my employees created a binder with all the appropriate recalls in it in case the CPSC web site was down (which it seemed to be quite often at that time). I still keep the binder current.

As long as you subscribe to CPSC to receive notices, it is very manageable.

You can sigh up here and get a daily update sent to you:

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Thank you Dylan

Did everyone update it with today’s recall:

Tankless Water Heaters Recalled for Repair Due to Carbon Monoxide Poisoning Hazard (February 21, 2007)](

New addition to the list

Maytag and Samsung brand front loading washing machines recalled due to fire hazard

Hopefully everyone sees just how easy it is to be HELPful to one’s Clients concerning recalls.

New addition today.
Digital Security Controls Recalls Smoke Detectors that Could Fail to Warn of a Fire (March 22, 2007)

Hey, Dylan.

That’s not the best link.

Here’s a better one:

Digital Security Controls Recalls Smoke Detectors that Could Fail to Warn of a Fire (March 22, 2007)](