Home Warranties and Appliance Inspections

Any suggestions for a good home warranty or appliance recall service? I know there is a lot of discussion in the members only section, but some of my clients have asked about the different types and providers and I would like to send them where they can get fair, unbiased opinions. Thanks!!!

There’s been some Hoosier *selling *some kind of “Free” appliance recall service hanging around in the members only section. Not sure if he’ll appear from behind the curtain though.

To start with, there is the CPSC websiteand the WeMakeItSafer websitewhich is a fantastic consumer product recall site that will actually immediately check for recalls and will also run periodically future checks, and sent you email notices of the check results, all for FREE!!! No cost what-so-ever! No telemarketers trying to sell you stuff! No SPAM emails! Truely FREE!

I heard it’s not really free. The homeowner has to sign up for some kind of home alarm system thingy or the inspector pays the fee but tries to hide the charges within his own fee’s, or something like that. Seems unethical to me, but admittedly, I don’t know all the facts first hand so this is just all my opinion of what I have heard. I tried going to their website to get more information, but the website wanted me to “sign-up” before it would allow me more information. It wouldn’t even show me any of the inspectors it claims are the “best” so I could see if there was one in my area I could talk with.

It all just seems very fishey to me, and I have to wonder what they are trying to hide. Since the owner of that company is on this MB what seems like all the time, I suppose he will be here to contribute to the discussion. Nathan Thornberry and RecallChek is his and the company name.

That’s sad Jeff. I thought we were here to help each other, and in turn, help our clients.
So is this an insurance company that is offering these services? Isn’t this sort of service regulated by the individual states in which we conduct business?
Am I, as a home inspector, required to be registered with my state to provide these services?
How can this service be “free” if it offers such great benefits?
I have done appliance inspections and they take a minimum of 1/2 hour to complete. I have found that We Make It Saferis a cost saving system our clients can use for free. They also provide free weekly updates and a free monthly newsletter!!!