RECALL: GM/Chevy Bolt EV & EUV Battery

Yes… this is real…


True, but old news. It did mean I could pick up a screaming deal on a Bolt personally, and never have to pump gas again. Score.

GM replaced all the batteries, and/or improved the detection and automatic shutdown of cells.

More old news for you:

DEARBORN, Mich., May 19, 2022 – Ford Motor Company is advising customers of certain 2021 Ford Expedition and Lincoln Navigator SUVs – built over a four-month period between late 2020 and early 2021 – to park their vehicles outside and away from structures while Ford investigates the cause of under hood fires.

Responding to 16 reported incidents, Ford is recalling 39,013 Expedition and Navigator SUVs in the U.S. built between Dec. 1, 2020 and April 30, 2021. These vehicles may pose a risk of under hood fire, including while the vehicle is parked and off. As of Ford’s filing with NHTSA, there have been no reported incidents with vehicles built before or after these dates.

Ford, which began investigating the issue on March 24, 2022, has not yet established a cause. The incidents are believed to originate in the rear of the engine compartment near the passenger side of the vehicle.

Fourteen of these incidents occurred on vehicles owned by rental companies (across multiple locations) and two were retail customer vehicles.

22S36 and 22S48

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Old or not… this is from their CURRENT Recall Webpage…


And the Ford fires are from Ford’s CURRENT webpage. If they were deleted you’d be screaming of a coverup. Nothing to see here. Move on. GM released a software patch and then worked through the backlog of used cars rotting on dealer lots (they can’t be resold until all recalls are cleared apparently).

No news.

“Chevy Bolt EV Sales Rocket 335 Percent During Q2 2021”
"As America’s cheapest EV, U.S. sales of the Chevy Bolt were up more than 50% last year and GM said it would make a record 70,000 units in 2023. "

GM recall number: N212345944
GM recall number: N212345945

You want to inspect any Bolt you find in a garage? No problem, just enter the VIN into Chevy’s page and see if the recall work was completed. Hopefully you’ll be doing this as a full service inspector concerned about EV fires (how could you do otherwise, knowing the recall information but failing to inform your customers?).

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Ford Recalls 1.5 Million Pintos


See JJ, it happens to internal combustion engine cars too. :wink:


I’m well aware of all that. I’m a retired Master Mechanic, and was actually involved in making the repairs on the Ford Pinto’s and Mercury Bobcat’s. (It was a $5 square of flexible plastic applied to the front of the fuel tank next to the differential, to eliminate punctures and sparking from the tank being pushed into the differential during rear end collisions).

Anyway… The above pic has been floating around Social Media as if it’s a new issue, but nobody has posted any information regarding the Recall(s). I decided to post the information there and here as a service to those not aware of the details that saw the references posted online.

Amazing how quickly a thread intending to be helpful gets ‘shit on’ once again!

I pushed Nick for this RECALL section to assist with sharing information so we needn’t waste time digging through all the typical MB BS.

Guess I’ll think twice before helping next time.


Unlike with consumer recalls, automaker recalls directly notify the owners and through repair shops. Unfortunately with electric cars they don’t need much service, so perhaps your notice actually reached someone. Or, maybe the real motivation was seen anti EV propaganda and you got the response you should have expected. Not sure.

Thanks for the reminder of why I’ve had you on IGNORE for a long time. I only looked at your first post above because I thought you may have some quality additional information to the actual Recall posted.

Should have known a Californian can’t stay on point without making it about himself.

Back on IGNORE you go, with the other Stalkers and Asshats, (yeah, you know who you are!), destroying this MB’s usefulness!



Pinto lovers say " KISS MY ASS!!"




Since when are facts considered propaganda?


Facts are irrelevant to Democrats and should be suppressed or derided or denied if they don’t fit their narrative. If they can’t do that successfully then the messenger is racist and the facts don’t matter anyway.


Automotive recalls have zero relevance to home inspections, and minima relevance to commercial property inspection. Unless you’re planning to start checking VINs.

The image is floating around social media not to inform: rather to influence.

Facts should be used to influence. In a perfect world, nothing else would matter. My question to you is, why are you so sensitive to negative facts about EV’s? Face it, you were triggered by the facts. You fear resistance to EV’s by the general public. What other facts would you prefer not to be discussed? Kobalt artesian mining? Total carbon footprint of the vehicles? Battery disposal or recycling?

We openly discuss combustion engine problems…seems EV’s should withstand the same scrutiny.

Fords combustion engines are known to catch fire (happened to me).


Look at my first response. Neutral countering of misinformation. JJ’s bombastic was the trigger beyond that.

Lifecycle environmental calculations are notoriously tricky and difficult. They won’t matter anyway, as the market will eventually make a choice.

No it wasn’t. You’re old news comment was condescending and your first comment reeked of sarcasm. Then you accuse him of being a meanie trying to put EV’s in a bad light.

I’m glad the world has you to defend EV’s from facts. Seems to be the way things are going in our culture.