RECALL: ZLINE Expands Recall of Gas Ranges to Include 48-inch Gas Ranges Due to Serious Risk of Injury or Death from Carbon Monoxide Poisoning


Interesting, the stated issue is, “The firm has received 44 reports of carbon monoxide emission…”

Of course! Gas ranges do produce CO. There are established measurement standards and actions from the Building Performance Institute. When testing undiluted exhaust of an oven, one tests inside the exhaust throat located at the back of the range top, behind the burners. If the CO reading is above 225 ppm, the recommendation is to “have the oven serviced.” A reading above 70 ppm in the free air at 5 feet of the range “requires further evaluation.”

I wonder what the CO emission reading of the recall was. It would be nice to have that information. I have to assume it was well above 225 ppm.

Edit: I got a pm from @rebeich that one oven tested at 242 ppm.


What a co-ink-a-dink!