Recalled Murray Panel?

Sorry the photo is not flipped. Between Inspections now and hoping for a quick answer. Thank you.

Question: Is this one of the recalled Murray Panels?

This was a 77 built home. But it looked like a 96 panel (check). It had a white test button (check). It was 2 pole although I believe they had a recall on 1 and 2 pole models. Hoping to get a little reassuance before I officially make this call in the report I am working on.


Never have heard of a panel recall…

I do believe I was mistaken about the panel recall. It seems as though there may have been a recall on GFCI breakers withs a white test button of this era…

I find that if you use Google you can find the answer. I had never heard of this issue before.

SOP 2.2 1P Exclusions: "any manufacturers’ recalls or conformance with manufacturer installation, or any information included for consumer protection purposes.

Now what does that mean in plain English?