Murray Electrical Panel

Im trying to figure out the year this panel was manufactured. Murray Catalog Number : LC042QC. Any links on how to decipher this catalog number to get the year?

I couldn’t find any under siemens either.


Do you have a photo of the inside of the dead front cover to post?
Murray LC004 is a series… could a digit have slipped?

Curious… WHY?

You have to indicate the year of the panel on the 4 point inspection form.



Call Siemens. Good luck :slight_smile:

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Not how it works, the thing could have been on a shelf for 5 years before installation.

Try to determine the install time range, using permits, panel condition, wiring, etc. etc. for the 4 point.
Report what you can confirm or the best info you can uncover.
If you’re not sure, state the range and why.

And remember it’s your phone the underwriter will call when the time comes, so report accordingly…

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No permits for electrical, homeowner says was put new about 20 years ago. The panel is in great condition. I just dont like putting N/A on the form for the Panel age and year last updated .

I know nothing of 4-point inspections but wouldn’t saying about 20 years old be good enough or do they expect more accuracy?

Yes, done all the time. It’s fine.

You know, the only Google hit for that catalog number is this very post.
It’s weird.

The entire Murray brand and name was phased between 2019 and 2020:

Curiously there’s a spreadsheet there, your panel is not on it.

I’d focus less on the age and more on the “Murray Type H panelboard” note. That tells you this is a modern enough panel for which replacement breakers are still available, and it’s not one of the famous recalled panels from other vendors.

Check out:

Your panel appeared in a 2017 catalog from Bell Electrical as “400A Main Lug Load Centers (1phase & 3phase) 2 spaces and 2 circuits are reserved for standby generator installation.”