Receptacle for a microwave

These questions are for my own home.

I am in the process of remodeling my kitchen. I have cabinets being installed next week. (I hope)

In my old kitchen the dedicated receptacle for the microwave was installed in the cabinet as a surface mount.

Q. Typically in a newly constructed home or a remodel is the receptacle for the microwave installed in the wall? Then would the back of the cabinet be cut to accommodate the receptacle?


Painted today. There is nothing like the buzz of inhaling paint combined with a high amount of green tea.

The wife did a great job of picking out the kitchen paint color. It looks like I will be painting some more of the rooms.

I hired out a professional to do the finish dry wall coating. It was worth it as the finish paint looks great.

Now it is time to rip out the last of the cabinets & the disgusting old sink & faucet. The new faucet will by a moen Aberdeen. $320

Q. If you where going to buy a disposal & dishwasher which ones would you buy?

I was looking at a insinkerator disposal.

The wife is picking out the dishwasher.

Paint colors 001 (Small).jpg

Paint colors 002 (Small).jpg

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If you want a more finished look put an extension ring on the box and mount the receptacle flush with the inside of the cabinet.

Personally, I preferr to install the outlet in the wall and flush inside the cabinet.
Either you install the box in the wall and allow for the 1/4" scribe and 1/2" backing, and this differs with different Manufacturers, or add an extension ring like Greg just mentioned above.

A much better look and utilization of inside the cabinet.
Also think of enclosing the exposed ductwork for the venting. I did.

If you can afford $300+ for faucets you can do it. ha. ha.

Marcel :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

I use a “Smart Box” for micro/hood receptacles, then you can adjust it for the exact cabinet back depth when the cabinets are up. That box is a God send. About 2 dollars, and available at most supply houses. Way cheaper than a traditional adjustable depth box, and much sturdier than using a goof ring.

I have been making smart boxes out of dumb one for years, hell, I don’t need a patent on that I just do it.

Thing to remember as a homeowner is to not have to call the Electrician more than once. At $50 an hour to just show up can be pretty expensive, wish I could charge that much for building $8 million buildings. ha. ha.

In any case, what I am saying is to have the electrician wire and install the receptacle and the Carpenter only needs to cut the opening. Idiot proof, or is it??

Marcel :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

yeah…cut it in the back of the cabinet and you can use an ajustable box like Marc is speaking of but also if you use a nail up and extend it out as far as you can and still support the box properly.

If you happen to have a little setback from the wood cabinet, they just get you a plastic arlinton extention sleeve and it will be fine.

I always just left the wire curled inside the wall on the rough and use a plastic old work (cut-in) box cut into the back of the cabinet after the cabinets were hung. Just cut the hole for the box, cut a hold in the sheetrock behind the cabinet, reach in and pull out the wire.

teeehehe…I’ve done that also Steve…but as of late I wanted the cabinet guys to cut them in so I put my box OUT to they have to cut it in or it pushes against their cabinet…now even if they do a sloppy cut in I can fine tune it with the roto-zip…I let them screw up the cabinet…:slight_smile:

I will say however on (2) I did the other day in a trim out of a job we did…we have to use (2) arlington plastic extenders for a Dishwaher receptacle and Disposal Receptacle…the set back was too far so those little plastic babies did the trick.

Don’t buy a cheap dishwasher, they are very loud and do not fit well.
Expect to pay over 500 for a good dishwasher.
Many of the good ones have a built in high loop also.

Cheap disposals from HD and Lowes don’t last.

lol…funny thing on Dishwashers.

I built my house in 2001 and we put in a TOP of the line appliances ( well only because I am a builder and we got them at builder prices…lol…way cheaper than consumer prices )…and guess how many times my wife has used the DishWasher…lol…

(2) times…once to see if it worked and again 2 years later to make sure it was still working…sign :frowning:

well we only have my son so not many dishes and we do them in the sink still but man I remember saying I was gonna use that dishwasher when I installed it…in FACT…I am gonna go dirty up a plate so I can use it right now…Be right back…

Same here Paul. We ended up removing the dishwasher to recover the cabinet space.

Dang you Greg…my wife was down here in my office earlier and saw what you posted and said…lets remove the DishWasher…man I don’t want any projects at home right now…Dang It

Wife walks up, hubby immediately turns off PC, wife says “caught you downloading porno again”. Hubby says “nope, just more project ideas I don’t want you to see.”

All I did when we removed the DW was put a plywood box in the hole with a couple shelves. Took me about an hour.

Since then we have totally redone the kitchen but it worked like that for years.

I would suggest you to get rid of your old dishwasher and buy a new one. You can check out Best Portable Dishwashers Review & Buying Guide for the best portable ones.