Outlet in upper Kitchen cabinate

is this ok? Not near sink. Used for undermount lights…

Is what OK? Installing a receptacle outlet in a cabinet?
Yes. It still has to be installed correctly, of course, no matter where it is located.


No different than the outlet in the cabinet above your over the range microwave.


See that perfectly vertical screw head slot? That tells me it is OK :wink:


Looks good from SW Ohio, and it’s even child resistant. :grinning:


Thank you…I thought that too but obviously DYI.

In what way is DYI obvious? Are there more photos of concern?


DIY? How did you conclude that from what is shown in the photo?


Other than the MW outlet needs to be a dedicated receptacle.

DIY would look like someone hacked out the hole in the cabinet with a butter knife.

It’s straight, it covers the opening, they even notched the shelf above! If that’s a DIY, it’s someone who’s done it before.


I got to know the seller…it was a prelisting

Obviously not a plumber…lol! :wink:

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Did you advise the seller that the room is going to smell like a toilet?

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this was the cabinet for plates or fruitloops. I have been in RE for 22yrs and yes I’ve seen outlets under the sink for disposals/dishwashers and yes above for microwaves but NOT where I put my HoHo’s. Thats why it seems DYI.

yes sir!..told him to hire a plumber.

clearly…do you guys hate those collapsible pipes?
I flagged one yesterday under kitchen sink with disposal…seems like the shit would get caught in the ridges.

ok what about this scenario…silvery bag of something pokes into the outlet or metal tie wrap?
I know a stretch, but seems a building dept would not like the outlet in a main food/plate cabinet.

The outlet is fine if it is GFCI protected IMO. The drain pipe per code in my state is that it must be smooth/rigid. Regardless of code I call it out. And no p-trap.

My narrative for the pipe.
Kitchen sink drain pipe had section(s) of corrugated flex piping which is known for clogging and leaks. Recommend replace with smooth pipe by a qualified plumbing contractor.

I don’t think I would assume to know what will be going in the cabinet. That’s called “getting out of your lane.” :grinning:


That’s just fantasy, and can happen anywhere, clothes closet, garage, carport, laundry room, etc. etc.