Receptacle location, Code In "FLORIDA"

Florida Electrical Code
Yesterday I inspected a 6.9 M house in Rosemary Beach FLORIDA. However, I noticed that the majority of the receptacles are within one inch from the floor. In fact inside the wine cellar they are touching the floor. Do you know what the CODE requires in “FLORIDA” for receptacle location??


Hi John,

No there is no code minimum for most receptacles

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Heck, they can be IN the floor and still meet code. :mrgreen:

I understand they can be on the floor provided they have a water proof cover. These receptacles are on the wall flush with the floor. Infact there are several in the kistchen, wine cellar, hallways and bedrooms. Just want to make sure???

Do they need to be protected (water, liquids, etc)??

No protection from wate is required by the state or federal codes.

That’s not necessarily true. Short story, no matter how low a receptacle is mounted on the wall, no special protection is required. Offices often feature tombstone receptacles mounted ON the floor.

When I take the dirt nap that’s what I want. :mrgreen:

You want a tombstone for your tombstone? I wonder if any dead electrician has that yet?

John - there is no Florida specific electrical code. They refer everything to the NEC. Now there maybe some local codes that affect the area.

Where I live is a barrier island and all house are now built on stilts/pilings. There is no outlet nor switch allowed to be within 5 feet of the slab grade. So all switched in the garage and for exterior lighting are 5 feet above the grade. That is a LOCAL code and not an NEC code.

If this is the case there maybe something in your area. When in doubt call the local building code officials. They usually take calls from like 8-9 and 2-3 and are most helpful and many times can tell you where you can find it in writing.